August 28, 1998

Got a title for the upcoming JAD FAIR and YO LA TENGO album, Strange But True. A track listing is up on the bio page and we'll have more soon. Also have some stuff from the FUCK boys up. You can't really tell from the photo on the website but the cover of the CD is INTERACTIVE... and a track listing and tastefully designed LP cover are up for the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION's Acme.

ARAB STRAP will have a new single (CD, 12" and 7"), "(Afternoon) Soaps" out on Chemikal Underground on September 28th. "(Afternoon) Soaps" is a reworking of the track on Philophobia, with strings and David Rappaport, shreddingbeats, not unlike their remixes for David Holmes and Mogwai. The 7" is backed by "Phone Me Tomorrow." The CD and 12" have two more songs, "Toy Fights" and "Forest Hills." "Toy Fights" sees Aidan reunited with Adele Bethel for a "tender duet."

For the back-to-school crowd: CAREER INTERN DAVID RAPPAPORT TELLS ALL!!!! The inside scoop on WHAT IT'S LIKE to spend your summer working at Matador and RUB SHOULDERS with LYLE HYSEN, CHRIS SCULLY, etc.



August 21, 1998

WFMU cover WFMU has released a double live CD Live Music from a Dead Campus featuring 2 FOOT FLAME ("Peacock Coal"), LYNNFIELD PIONEERS ("Latoya"), MARK EITZEL ("Mission Rock Resort"), THE FROGS ("I Only Play For Money"), plus non-Matador types Quintron, Momus, Spaceheads, Danielson Family, Harvey Sid Fischer and Mekons. Can't buy it in stores, though; it's only for people who pledge $100 to the station. See the WFMU website for details.

We incorrectly posted that vinyl for the upcoming JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Acme was a double LP. Wrong! It is a single record, with the same tracks as the CD.

Mailorder news: BETTIE SERVEERT's Plays Venus In Furs and Other Velvet Underground Songs: Live At The Paradiso is now available (this was released by Brinkman, not Matador) for $10 postage-paid in the US via, US check, or Visa/Mastercard to Matador Maleodor, 625 Broadway, 12th fl NYC 10012. We've also got some exciting LIZ PHAIR and CAT POWER stickers, free to people who buy mailorder items. (Just ask Ken when placing an order and he'll give you one.)

Several new links, some here, some there:

Pumpkin Wentzel

Chan Marshall paintings - The genius behind Cat Power made these WONDERFUL paintings over the last year or so...
Who knew??

Boards of Canada interview from the e.h.x site

Liz Phair / Kim Gordon interview - from this month's Tower Pulse.

Too Pure home to stuff by Laika, Moonshake, Mouse On Mars, Seefeel, etc.

Toiling Midgets Website



August 14, 1998

A loyal reader asks:

Um, why is that Moon Pix bio written in the past tense as if Chan Marshall is dead? I know she's not dead because CAT POWER had a show on August 1st, right?
Whoops, Chan's not dead. She accidentally gave us the bio of some crime novelist. Sorry for any confusion, but speaking of... her song "In this Hole" will be included in a new Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant) movie, New Rose Hotel. Lyle says to mention that it stars Willem Defoe (Lori's Yoga Class, Walking Up and Down Broadway, He is Really Short).

Lots of our people will be recording Peel sessions in the next month or so. FUCK's is August 11, which means it'll air about three or four weeks after that. Also coming up: CORNELIUS, YO LA TENGO, WHITE HASSLE, SLEATER-KINNEY.

LYNNFIELD PIONEERS have added some unreleased songs and whatnot to their website. I'd say take a look except that it means you might have to look at a picture of unfunny no-talent Craig Kilbourn. (J.P. looks hot, though).

Geffen has reissued TOMMY KEENE's Songs from the Film LP and the Run Now EP, and four bonus tracks on one budget-priced CD, Songs from the Film. Check it out.

A Belle and Sebastian bio is now here, with a track listing and all that... Russel Simins reviews some records, courtesy of MUSIC... and lots of new sound clips. (Note: we switched our "RealAudio alternative" to .qt from .au files, which means your browser needs to be a little more able. Let me know if you have a preference either way, i.e. if you prefer .au or .qt 's.)

Cat Power: Moon Pix

Cat Power (from Moon Pix)

"Cross Bones Style" (featuring a special guest vocalist) RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"American Flag" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Say" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Moonshiner" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

Boards of Canada (from Music Has the Right to Children)

"Roygbiv" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Telephasic Workshop" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Aquarius" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

Bob Pollard (from Waved Out)

"Subspace Biographies" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Wrinkled Ghost" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

fuck: Conduct

fuck (from Conduct)

"The Thing" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Straddle" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Laundry Shop" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version

"Never Comin' Back" RealAudio 3 version | .qt version



August 7, 1998

I cleaned up a bit this week so it's mail time. Maybe we'll do this more often until our bulletin board is back in effect (and as long as my hard-drive is loaded).

Remember the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION Controversial Negro giveaway? Well, deep from the letters archives comes this jewel: An Understandable Error

.... and in other JSBX email news:

hey, i was just curious and just thought that it wouldnt hurt to ask if JSBX is taking suggestions on their new album's name. i wouldnt think so because it is kind of a personal/inside type of thing (at least fromm my experiences with bands) but if they are, how about:

"What's wrong with it?" or

"Gettin' comfortable with the Blues Explosion" or

"Burrito time"

the only reason i am writing these is because there are things my friends and i remember from a show in March of 1997 in Champaign, Illinois. the first 2 are in reference to what Jon Spencer said during the show. afterwards, we met and chatted with Judah while he was eating a burrito. well anyway, you probably think i am stupid so i will drink some nitro glycerin and jump onto a firenow.

the 400lb gorilla

Thanks but you're a little too late. The BLUES EXPLOSION album already has a title, Acme, and it's got a release date now, too. Mark your calendars: October 20 is the day. Recorded and mixed by the Automator, Steve Albini, Calvin Johnson, and Alec Empire, guests include legendary 90-year-old Delta fifesman Othar Turner, Boss Hog vocalist Cristina Martinez, Dr. Octagon mixer/scratcher the Automator and Luscious Jackson vocalist Jill Cunniff. Expect a U.S. tour in November-December and then again February-March.

Hi, I just heard about the "Name Liz Phair's Record" contest, and I think the grand prize of a year's worth of Arista releases sounds great. I hope you're sitting down for these, I was up all night!!

Almond Joyous
Baby Truth
Mmmmmm and Mmmmmm's
'Ho Henry's
Milky Waif
Mounds (my personal favorite!)
Reese's Pieces
Tootsie Roll

Okay, so I started getting less creative as the evening wore on. You can just send my prize out whenever.


This person is confused. There was no "Name Liz Phair's Record" contest. (Liz thought of that one all by herself.)

Ok, ok, I love many of the bands on your label but can you tell me why most of the bands are New York bands? Maybe you've picked the best bands from each "indie rock genre" that live in New York City? Although if that were right, you would've signed Speedking by now.


Clearly this gentleman was not reading our website last week when we reported on Matador's forthcoming go go series.

If I ever was to kill myself, I would play Tobin Sprout's 'Small Parade' in the background as I ate my own concoction of Tom and Jerry's Chocolate Chip Crack Dough Ice Cream. -kelly.

Have a good weekend kids...and stay out of the freezer!



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