December 16, 1998

SOLEX is on the new compilation Dugga Dugga Dugga, 14 interpretations of Wire's "Drill" (others on the CD include Chris & Cosey, Ibrahim, the Ex-Lion Tamers and more). Mail order-able from here.

BURGER/INK update: Joerg Burger has ended his deal with Harvest/EMI and is about to start a new label for Sony International called Popular. The first releases will be a new Modernist 12", "Architainment," and a new pop-project called "Dolphin Square," both produced by Burger... Wolfgang's still expanding his own minimal-techno-labels Profan, Auftrieb and Kompakt, and running his Cologne record-store. Apart from that he's about to release a Gas CD on Mille Plateaux, early next year...These guys have a website now, check it out.

A few months back, LIZ PHAIR recorded some songs for "Sessions," a public TV show hosted by David Byrne... and it's about to air soon: Jan. 2 (or, in some places, Jan 3). Liz setlist = the Johnny Feelgood, Polyester Bride, Mesmerizing, 6'1", What Makes You Happy. Check local listings or the Sessions website.

SLEATER-KINNEY have just finished shooting a video for "Get Up," the first single off their upcoming LP, The Hot Rock (due out in the U.S. on Kill Rock Stars Feb 23; and on Matador Europe on Feb. 22) The video is directed by Miranda July... In Europe, The Hot Rock will be proceeded by a double A side CD-only single, "A Quarter To Three" and "Burn Don't Freeze."

Matador has signed a three-year deal with Keboyin Music Entertainment Pan China, which means they'll be releasing all Matador titles available for the Asian territories throughout China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. (our deal with Bandai in Japan.) Hopefully this will make it easier for more of our bands to tour over there.


Barbara Manning has her own website now. Enjoy. Belle and Sebastian review at

A brief Pole interview from the Open Circuit website

Cross Bones Style Cat Power fan page

"Live" performances from the Fuji site in Japan:
P5, Cornelius, and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion



December 6, 1998

Matador is pleased to announce a new addition to the roster: POLE, ne Stefan Betke, of Berlin. Signed to Kiff/PIAS in Europe, we'll be licensing uncoming releases for North America. First up will be CD 1 (released in Europe last summer) and the vinyl equivalent, LP 1. For the full story, see the Pole bio and this here little article from Jockey Slut.

We've also added some sound clips from Pole's CDEP 2, another forthcoming Matador release, as well as a couple clips from the forthcoming JEGA CD, Spectrum, due out in March next year.

Pole (from CD 1)
"Fahren" RealAudio 5 | .qt | .au
"Hafen" RealAudio 5 | .qt | .au

Spectrum cover


Jega (from Spectrum)
"Pitbull" RealAudio 5 | .qt | .au
"Gemini" RealAudio 5 | .qt | .au

BUNNYBRAINS have recently made a major lineup reorganization and now have 4 new "noisicians" including members from Beme Seed and Connecticut band Invaders From Sears.

Matador Europe new address alert:

Matador Europe
Unit 201, Canalot Prod. Studios
222 Kensal Road
London W10 5BN

TEL : 0181 969 5533
FAX : 0181 969 6633



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