January 25, 1999

Now that the ink is dry: Matador is licensing (from Chemikal Underground) the upcoming MOGWAI album , Come On Die Young. The CD/double vinyl, the second M is for Mogwai full-length (if you don't count the remix record or the singles comp) by the Glasgow rock band, will be released April 6, 1999. A bio is herein provided for your pleasure.

And here's one to take to the bulletin board: Matador will be licensing all of the previously unlicensed upcoming Warp LPs. Warp Records, as you probably know, is the U.K. label home to Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Jimi Tenor, Autechre, etc. The first Matador releases will be:

Nightmares on Wax
Two Lone Swordsmen (Andrew Weatherall)
New Boards of Canada
Red Snapper

Deep breath...

MARY TIMONY has hooked up with drummer Christina Files and they're going to start playing shows, including a bunch on the upcoming Sleater-Kinney U.S. tour. Expect a Mary Timony LP out in September or thereabouts. Mary has also recorded a 7" (and possible CD-single) with Carrie Brownstein (SLEATER-KINNEY) that will be coming out on Kill Rock Stars this spring.

THE FOR CARNATION, in addition to playing some West Coast dates next month, will be finishing up their album with John McEntire in March...

LIZ PHAIR's "Baby Got Going" will be in the new Miramax film "She's All That" opening next Friday starring Freddie Prinze Jr. (You may remember Freddie Prinze Sr. as the guy who popularized the expression "lllloooooking goood!")

In BARDO POND news: Hummingbird Mountain, the old unofficial fan site has resurfaced at a new location...which is a good thing cos there's news: Word from Hummingbird has it that word from Drunken Fish has it that the newest Hash Jar Tempo (Bardo + Roy Montgomery) album, Under Glass, will be released domestically on Drunken Fish in late January. Drunken Fish will also be putting out a 2-CD set that includes Bardo's out-of-print Harmony of the Spheres plus exclusive crap from other luminaries: Flying Saucer Attack, Jessamine, Loren Mazzacane Conners, and the Charlamibides.

the Arsonists

New to the site:

A bio for the Arsonists, whose Matador debut, the "Pyromaniax12 will be out in February. The first full-lengthAs World Burnsis finished and this summer. 5 questions = a Cat Power interview from Ultra magazine

This website is about two shows Yo La Tengo played in Oslo in December.

Finally, Tony Allen wins Matador solicitation of the week: (sorry, photo not available)


My name is tony Allen. I write 70% of the music for Hybr3d. Hybr3d is a futurecore/electronica project dedicated to pushing machines extremely hard. The result is often elegant and sometimes aggressive.

Earlier this year I saw Solex live at Replay Lounge in Lawrence Kansas. After the show I spoke with her about remixing her material. She suggested I send demo material to Matador U.K.

After listening to her album 5 or 6 times my motives have changed. I am now interested in writing and producing material for her.

I have copied a CD to her address and explained my stance.

The material on this demo is just an example of the skill I possess. I can write material that falls into catagories such as trip hop also. I am not a bandwagon producer. My soul fuses with the music I create.

My only view on Solex's music...it needs:
--Better lyrics
--Song structures instead of repetition
--Bigger sound palletes
--More emotion

Live she is excellent!

Tony Allen



January 9, 1999

hey all, pardon the delay on the updates (if you've noticed; otherwise, nevermind). My computer gave up last week, but all is well and good now....so we've managed to pull together Matador staff top 5's (and 10's) of 1998. Enjoy.

News: Ninja Tune is broadcasting the Cornelius remix of Coldcut's "Atomic Moog 2000" on their website. This puppy will be on one of two forthcoming CORNELIUS remixes albums due out in March, one of which, FM (Fantasma Remixes), consists of various arists' remixes of songs from (guess). Basically, this all came about after several people--Money Mark, Buffalo Daughter, Coldcut, etc.--asked Cornelius to remix their songs. Instead of getting paid, Cornelius asked whoever to do the same in return with a song from Fantasma. Thus, FM....

And CM (Cornelius Remixes), which is a compilation of Cornelius's work on other artists' material. Coldcut's "Atomic Moog 2000," for example. We'll have some more clips ourselves soon....

Tour action: 18th DYE will reunite for a few European dates in March to celebrate an upcoming compilation on Ché Records... Chris and Thalia from COME will be playing at Mulligan's Irish Pub during the Sundance Festival. They also happen to star in Radiation, the new movie by Suki Hawley and Michael Galinsky (Half-Cocked), which will play during the fest... THE FOR CARNATION is going out on the road soon, as is LIZ PHAIR, who's playing a bunch of dates with Alanis Morrissette. See the tour dates page for all the specifics.

Chris is the one with his body cut off

Hans Platzgummer, ex- of Matador's first ever signing, H.P. ZINKER, has an amazing new CD under the name Aura Anthropica, American Blindfold. Much sexier than Beck. Available in the U.S. from TMC, 106 W. 32nd St., 3rd Fl., NY NY 10003, or you can order it from Forced Exposure.

The Crust Brothers (Stephen Malkmus + the members of Silkworm) have a CD out now, Marquee Mark, orderable direct from the source: Crust, 123 12th ave. E. (front), Seattle, WA 98102. They're asking for well-concealed cash, $15 postage paid. Silkworm's website has more info so take a look.

Waxnails Matador Mailorder is now carrying a new TOBIN SPROUT CDEP, Waxnails ($8 postpaid from 625 Broadway 12th fl NYC 10012) ....and there's a new Bob Pollard solo album, Kid Marine, coming on Rockathon in January.

A single of BOARDS OF CANADA's 1998 Peel Session is due out on Warp sometime soon.

NEW LINKS: Pole interview, from Cognition Audioworks, in RealAudio

XXX - a new Helium fan page



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