February 26, 1999

Matador Does It Again! Beats the Competiton with Release of MPNC-17

NYC February 26, 1999 /PRRockwyre/ -- Legendary independent label Matador Records announced today that it will release band members via the internet into fans' homes to help around the house. This new technology, MPNC-17, requires no additional software, but requires that visitors check with their parents before downloading.

"The job of any record label should be to reach out to a given artist's fans by any means necessary,'' said Christina Zafiris, marketing director Matador Records. "Let others labels release a song or two, we are ready to send people through the internet. "

She continues, "once the artist appears at someone's home, he or she will offer to balance the checkbook, clean the dishes, heat up a burrito, walk the dog, whatever."

"Clearly, Matador understands that to market music, one must go to the music buyers," she continues.

Yet, for Matador, like any legendary record label, MPNC-17 is only the beginning. For an extra 98 cents, users are cordially invited to download an actual part of the Matador office. "There's a spare desk in the conference room," suggests Zafiris. "And don't miss the Circle X posters, slightly soiled t-shirts, and an entire refrigerator just waiting to be cleared." (Except for the chicken sandwich, which is off limits)

Also, today Matador announces the launch of its new mp3 site, mp3 matador

In New York-area news: One of the two Half-Cocked directors, Mike Galinsky, will have photographs on display at CBGB's Gallery, starting March 3 (6-8pm, free wine!). The show commemorates the release of Galinsky's new book, Scraps, which includes writing by Tim Foljahn, Cynthia Nelson, Tara Key, Tae Won Yu, Alan Licht, and a bunch of other rockers....and there's also a CD....Also, Mr. Galinsky and the other Half-Cocked director, Suki Hawley, have a new film out called Radiation that, as you may recall, stars members of COME. It's screening as part of the New York Underground Film Festival on Thursday March 11th at 7:45 p.m. at the Anthology FIlm Archives with a party afterward at CBGBs (with COME, Two Dollar Guitar, Sleepyhead, others).

Also not a joke, listen up: JOB ANNOUNCEMENT

Matador needs a full-time web person to replace yours truly. Said individual will be responsible for the upkeep of Matador's web site. You need design sense and writing abilities (believe it or not), and must have a good general knowledge of the internet, be familiar with the label, bands, etc. HTML and Photoshop are a must. Send a cover letter, resume, and URLs to christina@matador.recs.com by March 10.

For those who care, Carrie is sticking around part-time for a while (just doing advertising). I will spend the extra time working on my zine and trying to figure out who got me pregnant.



February 12, 1999

A few words about CHAVEZ, brought to you by marketing chief Christina Zafiris:

Last month, the Bonnie "Prince" Billie's Easy Times tour of Europe featured some boys of CHAVEZ. Matt played lead guitar and James drummed along with Mike Fellows (ex Royal Trux, Air Miami) and Will Oldham. Word is they used a lot of set time with Thin Lizzy and AC/DC covers (the way it should be)....On his quest for easy times in Iceland, Matt was flipped off (given the finger) by the locals. Our friend Nils had the same experience in that fine country (must be a nice place)... Remember Chavez are playing at the Bowery Ballroom (New York) on Tuesday (2/23) and tickets are still available. We heard that they are starting "interband negotiations" to start working on their new record, working title Deeze Nutz (as in "let me consult with my associates, deeze nuts").

MOGWAI will play in New York on Monday, Feb. 22, the band's only U.S. show 'til the fall tour. There might be a possible recorded webcast of the show in the future, but we're still trying to work that out.

Cheers to BELLE AND SEBASTIAN for winning "Best British Newcomer" in the Brit Awards, England's equivalent to the Grammys. And thanks to you people for weighing in.

In other B&S news, somehow they've found the time during the recording of their new album to organize a holiday for their fans, the Bowlie Weekender. It's April 23-25 at Camber Sands Holiday Center UK. and stars Belle & Sebastian, Mercury Rev, The Divine Comedy, Cornelius, The Delgados, Broadcast, Sleater-Kinney, The Pastels, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Looper, Vic Godard, Cinema, V-Twin, Camera Obscura. Pavement is listed as playing but is actually not. Further details are on the B&S site (gotta scroll down to get it).... also of note: Stuart David does some spoken word stuff on the forthcoming Looper CD (Looper = Stuart + his wife and brother) on Sub Pop. "Not bad," says house Bunnyman fan John Gazley.

Pavement photo LIZ PHAIR diehards have one less item to collect: the She's All Crap soundtrack has been cancelled... CAT POWER's "Metal Heart" is in the new film by Morgan Freeman (director of "Hurricane Streets)." A soundtrack with said track will be released in June...

We've got a release date, if not a title, for the new PAVEMENT full-length: June 8. The sessions were produced by Nigel Godrich, known for his work with Beck, Radiohead and R.E.M. A tracklisting isn't available yet because the song titles may not be entirely set and we're trying to do our part to disrupt the scourge of gambling. Bookies in London wait anxiously for the official announcement to set up their next ludicrous line: Which song is coming off the next Pavement album! Hey, there was once a song called "The Hex" on Slanted and Enchanted, "Grounded" and "I Love Perth" were on the advance cassettes for Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain and Wowee Zowee respectively.

Maybe next week we'll release each word from the prospective song titles in alphabetical order. Whoever puts them in the right order first gets an advance cassette or something. Or maybe not.

The JEGA bio is now online. Astute fans will note that our release has two new tracks ("Unity Gain" and Naem"), replacing the track "DMC." "Unity Gain" is actually a remix of a 2 Lone Swordsmen track ("Black Commandments" from "A Bag Of Blue Sparks"), which will mostly likely be appended to our domestic release of the 2LS "Stay Down" LP/CD).

New links:

Joel R.L. Phelps fan page former Silkworm guy
Bunny Brains Audio Files - all Quicktime.
Sleater-Kinney bio is up.

Finally, much thanks to Brian Turner/WFMU for forwarding us to following memo:

FROM: Ron Shapiro
DATE: February 5, 1999
RE: Awareness-Raising Seminar

I am pleased to invite all employees to attend a special awareness-raising seminar, hosted by Atlantic and led by the nenowned Buddy Arnold of the Musicians Assistance Program. The 75-minute presentation and interactive program is directed at bringing an informed perspective to issues of drug and alcohol dependency. For Atlantic employees, the talk may be especially beneficial in its guidelines for dealing with addiction as it impacts our professional lives.

A dramatic highlight of the afternoon will be the role-playing portion of the program, where volunteers will be called on to assume different characters in a real-life scenario: a record label staff is forced to confront a drug-addled rock star in the grips of addiction. There is a fourth-quarter release riding on their being healthy enough to make a scheduled SNL appearance and the situation is critical. Chief participants in this mock intervention include the label president, the manager, the troubled rocker and their significant other (for good measure), there may be supporting roles for the publicist and the product manager.

It's been found that these kinds of acted-out hypothetical scenarios are effective at getting people in closer touch with their feelings and perceptions/misconceptions of addicts and addiction. Mr. Arnold has staged these educational sessions for companies across the country since 1997, winning universal praise and thanks. In the meantime, all of our would-be Oscar winners are encouraged to prepare their method school motivations.

The free event is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb 9th at 4pm in the 28th floor conference room.



February 5, 1999

Several release schedule changes (and additions) this week. Most notably, the ARSONISTS "Pyromaniax" 12" has been pushed back. We don't have a new street date just yet, but the upcoming releases page has the current schedule.

Demolition Doll Rods Also note the arrival of THE DEMOLITION DOLL RODS and VOID to the roster. The Doll Rods are from Detroit (Danny Dollrod was in the Gories) who've got a full-length, Tasty, on In the Red, and about a million 7"s. Perhaps you've heard something about their live shows, although you're probably better off not, that's the past. A new record should be out on Matador some time in summer.

VOID--Chantelle Platter and Kim Robinson--are dj's/programmers with a shadowy history in the West London experimental scene. They are in no way related to the legendary, drunken DC hardcore band, though they are avowedly "hardcore" in a very different way. Previously, they've released two 12" singles, one from 1995 on an obscure Czech imprint (tiny label, but very heavy vinyl) and another from last fall on their own Void label.

The tentative plan is for Matador Europe to release three successive Void 12" singles. A full length CD/LP will follow in late '99.

What else....BELLE AND SEBASTIAN have been nominated "best newcomers" for the Brit Awards (a BBC thing). I'm not exactly sure how this works, but fans can help them win by going to the BBC Radio 1 website and casting their Vote for Belle and Sebastian. You can only vote once, although, for all practical purposes, voting is anonymous.

This just in from Lyle "The Guy from Doormat" Hysen: Sticky Fingers of Time is opening within the next two weeks in New York and L.A. It features music by Bardo Pond! ("Tantric Porno") It features the lady who played Madonna in the TV movie based on Madonna's life!

Lyle would also like all the kids interested in licensing Matador stuff for films/tv shows, to read his FAQ before emailing.... And Mr. Hysen has offered to share this report of his trip to Utah:


Ok, well not really, but supposedly this year had the most music yet in the house.

Genghis Blues

I missed Janes Addiction and Guns N Roses (sans Axel!), but did get to see a duo of throat singers. One Kongar-ol Ondar is from Central Asia and Paul "Earthquake" Pena is from SF. They were promoting the film "Genghis Blues." The film I didn't see, but the show was great.

"Radiation" showed several times. It was no competition for the film about the lady who fucked 250 people, but the screening was well-attended. Mike and Suki also set up a gig featuring Come (as a duo), Two Dollar Guitar, and Dave Spalding from Pell Mell. The end "jam" of the Two Dollar Guitar set featuring Come and Spalding was great.

Allison Anders' new film "Suger Town" made its debut to a big full house of stars and near-stars. The filmed is about an older rock band trying to make it and is filled with music (including Come and Arab Strap). I'm happy to say that John Taylor from Duran Duran is quite the actor.

Jon Spencer and the Blues Explosion played the Indie Wire party and were rockin' as well. Against a snowy mountain backdrop the boys played loud enough so everyone HAD to shut of the ol' cell phone.

Hysen unleased. Go here for more Sundance.

photo by Conrad (from backstage)

And on a final note, Helen and I would just like to cast our votes for more public nudity at Yo La Tengo shows. Thank you.




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