June 25, 1999

Late breaking PAVEMENT news, kids. The video for "Spit on a Stranger" will air this Sunday night, June 27, on MTV's 120 Minutes. It will be the second video in the show, so be sure to tune in on time.

Tickets for the Matador 10th Anniversary 2 NICE WEEKENDS go on sale next Friday, July 2nd. The New York shows are $20 per night and are available through Ticketmaster and Other Music. The London shows are £15 per night, or £40 for all three. Tickets can be had through TicketWeb, Rough Trade shops (Covent Garden and Talbot Road) and many other wonderful outlets in the UK.

This Ain't No Picnic! Sunday, July 4th: If you're not already planning a sandwichfest in Central Park for the JSBX free show at Summerstage, get yourself to the Oak Canyon Ranch in Irvine, CA for a marathon of rock (show starts at 11:30 AM!). Many Matador-associated bands will be appearing, including SUPERCHUNK, SLEATER-KINNEY, GUIDED BY VOICES, and LOOPER. Other titans of the indie scene on the bill: SONIC YOUTH, RFTC, SUNNY DAY REAL ESTATE, THE BOREDOMS, MIKE WATT, APPLES IN STEREO, WILL OLDHAM. Tickets are on sale now through Ticketmaster.

THE GREEN MONSTER, Matador Films' first production, airs on PBS this Tuesday, June 29th at 10PM, EDT. Tune in and watch it! While you're waiting, read this detailed information, including a Quicktime/Real video clip.

The June 17 PAVEMENT show at Irving Plaza will be netcast on SonicNet this Thursday, July 1 from 9:00 PM to 12:00 PM, EDT. It will run multiple times so you die-hard fans can scrutinize the band's every move.

Pavement miscellany:
Photos from the Wednesday Irving Plaza show.
A RollingStone review of the Thursday show.
CNN on Steven Malkmus as the anti-rock star.



June 18, 1999

2 Nice Weekends: Matador 10th Anniversary Shows (Live Music is Nice)

You won't find us at CMJ, South By Southwest or any other industry showcases this year. To commemorate Matador's 10th year of making records, we present the following action-packed lineups directly to YOU, the music lover:

A Nice Weekend In New York City September 23, 24 and 25 Irving Plaza

Thursday, September 23:
	The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
	Non Phixion
	Red Snapper

Friday, September 24:
	Cat Power
	Guitar Wolf
	The Lynnfield Pioneers

Saturday, September 25:
	Yo La Tengo
	Mary Timony
	Bardo Pond

Tickets are $20.00 (U.S.) per night and go on sale July 2 via Ticketmaster at 212-307-7171 and will also be available from Other Music (4th St. between Broadway and Lafayette, NYC).

A Nice Weekend In London September 3, 4 and 5 University of London Union, Manning Hall

Friday, September 3:
	Cat Power

Saturday, September 4:
	* very attractive 
	* special guests 
	* (to be announced)
	Non Phixion

Sunday, September 5:
	Yo La Tengo
	Bardo Pond
	The Wisdom Of Harry
	Mark Eitzel
	Mount Florida

Tickets are 15 per night, or 40 for all 3 shows, and are available starting July 2, 1999, via TicketWeb, the Rough Trade shops (Covent Garden and Talbot Road) and many other wonderful outlets.

DISCLAIMER: Thanks to our friends at Kiff/SM, Planet Mu, Chemikal Underground and Warp, UK, homes to Pole, Jega, Mogwai and Red Snapper, respectively.]

On September 24th, Matador will release a specially-priced double CD/LP (OLE-400-1/2) which will have greatest hits as well as unreleased material from Matador artists (Pavement, Yo La Tengo, The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Solex, Mogwai, Arsonists, Cat Power and many more). On the same date, Matador will also release a VHS/DVD (OLE-400-3/4) collecting videos these and others of your favorite Matador artists.

In Other News:

Matador Films announces the broadcast debut of its first production, a sixty minute documentary entitled "The Green Monster."

"The Green Monster" depicts the life and auto racing career of Art Arfons. Without a high school diploma, engineers, or even blueprints, this small-town Midwestern prodigy of practical mechanics designed, built, drove and broke land-speed records in a series of supercharged jet cars he dubbed The Green Monster. The film will be broadcast nationally on P.O.V. on PBS, Tuesday June 29th, 1999 at 10PM (check local listings to confirm).

Warning! Matt's Commentary:

Do see this film. Instead of soaking up more sensationalist Dateline filler, switch over to PBS and watch The Green Monster. It's an excellent documentary: gorgeously filmed, skillfully edited, and with a smart use of archival footage. Arfons is a fascinating character, driven and yet reserved -- he and his family tell the wry story behind Arfons' obsession with an odd sense of pride and wonderment. Here is a man, a mechanical genius without a high school diploma, who managed to break barriers even teams of designers and engineers couldn't muster. All this brought him for a time into the strange and brief light of American celebrity, an unlikely hero of the 60's. What is most impressive about Arfons and the film is that he is well into his later years and is still building and racing his cars against time. What a fitting portrait of a man in a country that shuns its old and celebrates only youth.

Lyle and Brett Vapneck (old tyme matador employee) saw a rough cut of the film at the Independent Feature Market in NYC and Chris and Gerard decided to launch a film production "company" to help complete the project.

You can view a clip of the film on our website. In the clip, Arfons is taking a ride in a centrifuge he built to make sure he'll be fit enough to travel at high speeds. The music in the background is "Grease Gun," a new track from PELL MELL (who wrote and play the original soundtrack).

Matador Films is currently not considering any new projects. That is, not until they can secure Tom Hanks to play Chris Lombardi in "Matador In Space."

For those of you who couldn't make it to the sold out New York City PAVEMENT shows, we have the next best thing: SonicNet will webcast last night's Pavement show at Irving Plaza on Thursday, July 1 from 9:00pm to 12:00pm EDT (it will run three times). And if that weren't enough, SonicNet will also be webcasting GUITAR WOLF's February 19th concert at Akasaka Blitz in Tokyo on June 24 at 8:00pm EDT. The Guitar Wolf show will only be broadcast once, so tune in on time.



June 4, 1999

Looking for a little something extra in your new PAVEMENT release? Thanks to our friends at Domino UK, the first to purchase Terror Twilight will receive an interactive CD-ROM which includes videos for "Carrot Rope" directed by Lance Bangs, "Stereo" directed by John Kelsey, and "Shady Lane" directed by Spike Jonze. Plus, special video footage of the band in Kentucky, goofy animations, and other very impressive stuff.

This CD-ROM comes free with the purchase of the Terror Twilight CD (OLE-260) through Matador Direct Stores, CDNow, or Matador mailorder. This offer is limited to while supplies last, so make sure you purchase early to get your copy. We estimate they will only be available for a week.

CD-ROM Availability Info:

Matador Direct Stores: First come, first served.

CDNow: First 1200 orders only, the CD ROM will be mailed in a separate package.

Matador Mailorder: First 250 orders only. For Terror CD send check of money order for $13 to Matador Records, 625 Broadway, NYC 10012 (allow 2-3 weeks for delivery).

MARY TIMONY has joined forces with Carrie from Sleater-Kinney and together, as THE SPELLS, they have rocked out a 7"/CDEP called The Age of Backwards EP.Its available from K RecordsBox 7154 OlympiaWA 98507.

Reminder! Monday is Chatday! First off: at 8:00pm EDT chat with PAVEMENT on SonicNet. The hour will be hosted by Michael Goldberg (editor of Addicted to Noise) & Gil Kaufman. Directly following: at 9:00pm EDT, switch over to Insound.com and chat with the LYNNFIELD PIONEERS, fresh from their US tour.

And to coincide with all this Pavement hoopla, Streamland will be offering Pavement's "Carrot Rope" video beginning the afternoon of Monday the 7th.

Carrot Rope


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