September 31, 1999

Attention! The Arsonists chat has been moved to 11:30 EST, Thursday night at Support Online Hip-hop.

And a big thanks to everyone who turned out for the Nice shows. We can safely say they were a roaring success and we've got lots of stories to tell. You'll all just have to wait until Friday. Look for new interviews, anecdotes, dancing ladies.



September 30, 1999


Matador wants everyone to see the Nice Weekend. From the cornfields in Clifton, IL to the cattle farms of central Minnesota, we want this country to rock. How can we do it? Through your computer.

Apple, CDNOW, and Matador Records present:

A live webcast of A Nice Weekend In New York City: Matador Records 10th Anniverary Concert on Sept. 23, 24 and 25. See live sets from 15 bands including Pavement, Cornelius, Cat Power and Mogwai, all hosted by David Cross (Mr. Show, HBO stand-up special).

Get your online ticket to this sold-out three-night event: While you're there at CDNOW, you can get all of Matador's titles at 30% off through 9/28. Plus, CDNOW is also giving you $10 towards your first purchase - just use this link.

Hope you can make it.

A Nice Weekend In New York City
Matador Records 10th Anniversary Concerts at Irving Plaza

Thursday, September 23
11:45 PM -- Cornelius
10:45 PM -- Mogwai
 9:30 PM -- Red Snapper
 8:50 PM -- Arsonists
 8:15 PM -- Non Phixion
 7:30 PM -- Jega (not part of webcast)

Friday, September 24
11:45 PM -- Pavement
11:00 PM -- Cat Power
 9:45 PM -- Chavez
 9:00 PM -- Guitar Wolf
 8:15 PM -- Lynnfield Pioneers
 7:30 PM -- Khan

Saturday, September 25
11:15 PM -- Yo La Tengo (not part of webcast)
10:00 PM -- Mary Timony
 9:15 PM -- Solex
 8:30 PM -- Come
 7:40 PM -- Bardo Pond

Also: 2 Events at Tonic in NYC
(not webcast, but very nice)

Saturday, September 25: BORBETOMAGUS will be celebrating their 20th(!) Anniversary with an afternoon performance at Tonic.Don, Donald and Jim have been making mind-blowing music that's inspired us in too many ways to count, hence their inclusion on our NEW YORK EYE & EAR CONTROL compilation many moons ago. Said inclusion was hardly the highlight of their illustrious career, which is really only just begining when you think about it.

Sunday, September 26:Sue Garner and Rick Brown, formerly of RUN ON, will be playing at Tonic, joined by Michael Hurley. Rick and Sue have a new album coming from Thrill Jockey very soon.



September 17, 1999

We're pleased to announce that DAVID CROSS will be MCing Matador's 10 Year Anniversary shows at Irving Plaza in New York City. Mr. Cross is best known for his work with Mr. Bob Odenkirk on Mr. Show, but is also well known as the nurturing, pink-haired professor at the Academy of Rock. His stand-up comedy special, "The Pride is Back" will air on HBO tomorrow night at 10pm ET.

Thanks to everyone who entered to win tickets to the anniversary shows. To get an idea of what you were up against, here's an email excerpt from the first person to get all four addresses correct (The answers are: 625 Broadway, 676 Broadway, 611 Broadway and 472 Greenwich, Chris Lombardi's old apartment):

"I must have been the only one who was insane enough and had enough time on his hands to go to the NYPL and look at the Manhattan phone directory on microfiche to find Chris Lombardi's address in 1989. I don't know if I should be proud or ashamed about that."

For those of you who didn't win and won't be able to make it to any of the shows, we may still have something in store for you. Look for a special edition of the Matador newsletter and check the website on Tuesday...

Finally: We get a lot of calls from people asking for directions to the Matador offices. We thought we'd put together a map of sorts to help you all out.



September 10, 1999

Winning Is Nice

The Nice Weekend in New York City is just 13 days away. I hope to see you all there. If you haven't gotten tickets yet, don't worry: here's your last chance. We've got 5 pairs of tickets for all three nights and we'd like to give them away to 5 Matador fans. You've just got to do a little work.

London Is Nice

A Nice Weekend in London went swimmingly. The shows were packed with screaming teenagers (especially the first night), the bands played brilliantly, and many many plastic trays brimming with veggie curries were served in the ULU bar.

Some high points:

Ill Bill trying to get the audience to shout back "Refuse To Lose" (problems with English people pronouncing the "oo" sound)

Live Human's furious turntable jam at the end of their set

Jon Spencer shouting out Jesper, Rusty, Patrick, and Mark Ohe's names in the middle of "Motherfuck"

Swel Boogie with his head inside the P.A., banging furiously for 8 minutes to Bardo Pond

Ira Kaplan's heartfelt tribute to Chris and Gerard at the end of Yo La Tengo's set

Impeccably dressed Japanese teenager (Acme T-shirt, minidisc player, slip-on sandal sneakers, argyle sox, black pants, clutching Rough Trade bag) going into fits of ecstasy as Russell signed the back of his T-shirt with magic marker -- at the same time bending over, clutching one of Russell's drumsticks in his mouth so his girlfriend could photograph him. Never has a human being been so happy.

and Gerard would like to add:

A really fun 3 days, tons of musical ground covered and all kinds of barriers shattered. Live Human were amazing, Sleater-Kinney had the room screaming, JSBX had the entire city screaming, but no one knocked out so many patrons as the Arsonists. Except for maybe Bardo Pond, so we'll call it a tie. Yo La Tengo played some excellent new songs and embarrassed the fuck out of me and CL (or at least me) with their encore of "Love Power" (let's just say Ira's version of Matador's orgins needs as much fact-checking as Bill Boggs'). I just remembered that Saturday's lineup featured 4 acts w/ dj's in a row, not exactly the old days. But guitar-bass-drums-and-voice rarely sounds more alive than the way Unwound do it, and there are nights when they're the greatest. We really appreciated the way that so many of the bands donated their time and energy, especially those who were ill or injured (if you can guess which artist injured his back while carrying an exercise bike up a flight of stairs, we'll send you a special prize). And we owe a big thank you to our friends at Foundation, along with our guest dj's, Nathan Webb, Barry Hogan, Twitch and John Kennedy. And thanks to Liam and Frazier for dealing with the merchandise nightmares.

New Releases are Nice

Tuesday = 3 new releases. The second album from Dutch sampling artist SOLEX, "Pick Up" is a wilder, sneakier, more layered album than "Solex Vs the Hitmeister." If you haven't heard her first album, then you're in for 2 great surprises. JSBX brings you 19 B-sides and remixes with "Xtra-Acme USA." Don't think of this as a remix record -- the B-sides alone are enough for an entire album. And finally "Everything Is Nice: The Matador Records 10th Anniversary Anthology" brings you 2 CDs of the hits and 1 CD of unreleased tracks from many of your favorite artists. The best part: the 3 disc set, complete with excellent liner notes and a shiny cover will retail for under $12.

Tour Cancellations are not Nice

Unfortunately, the JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION has had to cancel all upcoming tour dates, including their spot at the Coachella Music Festival.



September 3, 1999

Happy Birthday, Matador!

Today marks the first of the three 10th Anniversary shows in London. Performing tonight are: KHAN, UNWOUND, SOLEX, CAT POWER and SLEATER-KINNEY. We couldn't be more excited. Although, we'd be more excited if we could actually go to the London shows. Complete recap of the weekend's festivities in next week's mailer. Look for it.

So, Matador is more or less officially 10 years old this month and we'd like to celebrate by saying thank you to all the fans. And what better way to say thank you than by giving away a few tickets to the 10th Anniversary shows in New York? Look for your chance to enter in next week's mailer.

Fall Tours

It's time to take Matador to the streets. Here's a look at this fall's tours. Be sure to check the Tour Dates for show specifics.

The DEMOLITION DOLL RODS: The Flaming Pasties Tour hits almost the entire country so you have no excuse for missing their show. And they get naked. On stage.

September 15 - October 30

GUITAR WOLF: The Roaring Blood Tour will be so loud you will not be able to feel anything in your extremities for quite some time. You will be unable to communicate with other people.

September 24 - October 31

MOGWAI: The Set the Prom on Fire Tour. We've asked these Scots not to say anything bad about our mothers this time around. Beginning next week, they'll be answering all your questions from the road. Check the bulletin board for details when we figure them out.

September 1 - September 23

PAVEMENT: The We Love US Maple Tour will hit mainly the West and Southwest. The band will play four days in Texas but no shows in Corpus Christi. Sorry.

September 24 - October 16

SOLEX: Live samples + live people + live instruments = The Solex vs. Cibo Matto Tour. It promises to be a mindbending display of music and mixing, the likes of which we don't think anyone's yet seen. Why can't this be Girl Power?

September 8 - October 2

Dissatisfied Matador Customer of the Month

Each month we like to provide a forum for any complaints you, the music fan, might like to register. This month, we bring you Dissatisfied Matador Customer of the Month #26. Seems our friend from upstate bought a JON SPENCER BLUES EXPLOSION album he found, well, dissatisfying.

Please take a moment to read the letter, analyze the receipt, and study the returned CD and case:



1998 J F M A M J J A S O N D
1999 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2000 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2001 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2002 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2003 J F M A M J J A S O N D