November 19, 1999

Tune into HBO, those of you who have it: CORNELIUS will be on "Reverb" November 23rd (11:30 ET/PT) with Moby and Calexico. Reverb broadcasts live footage, backstage interviews, swooping cameras, all that good concert stuff. Also: PAVEMENT will be featured the next week (November 30) with Built to Spill. That performance comes from a show they did with Calexico in San Diego, so look for them in the background this week. Check the Reverb website for more detailed information, just don't read the copy: "get any closer and the bouncers will kick your ass!" Uh-huh.

"Knitting on the Roof" is the latest compilation from the Knitting Factory Records imprint. Here's the premise: rockers do "Fiddler on the Roof." This is for real, folks. COME is featured with "Do You Love Me?". Other artists include the Residents, Negativland, the Magnetic Fields, Eugene Chadbourne and DJ Spooky. Just think if your high school had done it this cool.

In other COME news: Chris Brokaw will be playing 2 "Solo Electric Guitar" performances opening for Nobokazu Takemura and Brokeback: November 24 at Middle East in Cambridge and November 27 at Upstage in Philadelphia. See Thrill Jockey for more information.

The ARSONISTS and NON PHIXION are on a new compilation out last month on Battle Axe Records/Nu Gruv Alliance called "Defenders of the Underworld." Non Phixion lead off the disc with "The Full Monty"; the Arsonists contribute a sample-heavy "Fat Laces." Other artists of note include Everlast, Defari, Kool Keith, Swollen Members, Dilated Peoples, Del, and Aceyalone.

Mike Donk does a quick interview with CORNELIUS on his fansite -- Cornelius answers rumours, gives his top 10 albums of all time. I know we told you this a while ago, but it's out now: Cornelius remixes Blur's "Tender" on the b-side of their latest single. And finally, a Cornelius remix of Beck is looking like more of a possibility, though we don't know if we're going to hold it hostage until we get our Beck remix of P5.

Have a great Turkey Day next week, all!



November 15, 1999

New Signing

You might've guessed this was in the works, especially if you caught LIVE HUMAN's amazing guest appearance at last September's Nice Weekend in London concerts. But now it is official, the San Francisco trio of drummer Albert Mathias, bassist Andrew Kushin and DJ Quest, collectively known as Live Human, have signed with Matador. A new full length album is planned for 2000. If you haven't heard their previous recordings (one self-released LP on the Cosmic label, a devestating pair of 12"'s on Fat Cat "Improvisessions" and "Orange Bush Monkey Flower," a Fat Cat LP/CD called "Monosterosis" that might be the best album of 1999), you're missing out big time. Live Human are destroying whatever barriers exist between improvised jazz, underground hip-hop and experimental rock... and creating a category or 2 no one has named yet. We'll have more info, pictures and music for you to wade through before long. In the meantime, for more information about Live Human's previous releases, check out Fat Cat Records.

Accutron 2000 has just returned from
the Warp Nights in the London and reports

Day #1
Wow, this place is expensive and everyone talks like Dr. Smith. Being one of only two folks on the guest list (the other being JARVIS COCKER from Pulp), you'd think it wouldn't be too hard to lose said list, but alas, things are running like clockwork and I miss JIMI TENOR's set. The mood is very celebratory and RED SNAPPER hit their stride with yet another incendiary set followed by the tight soul stylings of NIGHTMARES ON WAX, full band and all performing perfect replications of tracks from "Carboot Soul." I stumble back to the youth hostel with the world's blandest order of fish 'n' chips.

Day #2
The day is spent trying to find Matador London's office on foot and wandering around Portobello Road looking for PAUL SIMONON, but instead see both ARTHUR BAKER and GEOFF TRAVIS. That's much better than the celebrity sightings we get 'round the Matador office in New York (JOE JACKSON and CORKY from "Life Goes On" usually... really.) Night Two kicks off with PLONE, who were the biggest surprise of the Warp Nights: the sound is even more panoramic live and they really play! None of the "Battleship" rock that we've come to accept in electronic music, just banks of analog synthesizers.

BROADCAST kick it out next with a good set that is more retro-pysch than their records would lead one to believe. The lead singer's vocals are even stronger live... think SANDIE SHAW fronting SPIRITUALIZED in 1968 (that's supposed to be complimentary). I catch a little of PLAID, who were kicking out a particularly bleepy set, before running off to see the ARSONISTS at the Scala. Except, I can't get in... there's a hundred people waiting in the paying line and another hundred waiting on the guest list line. After forty five minutes on this, I turn homeward, having worn short pants and not carrying any anti-freeze for these cold, wet London nights.

Day #3
Everyone's got rugby on the brain with the World Cup being held in the UK. I learn some derogatory joke about the New Zealand team ("What's the difference between the All Blacks and a teabag? A teabag stays in the cup longer." guffaw...) and try to get in the spirit of rooting for Australia (actually against France more than anything). But then I remember what loutish thugs the rugby players I knew at school were and decided to stick to lawn bowling.

Turns out Bonfire Night (kind of like the 4th of July in the UK, but colder and drearier) coincides with the last Warp Nights, where everyone's full of anticipation for the appearance of BOARDS OF CANADA, this being only their third set ever. You'll be pleased as punch to know they pulled it off with aplomb. The sound was massive and the new material was really good. The action on stage wasn't robust but visuals kept everyone focused. They walked straight off the stage just after the last note died, passed me out the door and straight back to Scotland, I was told. After that, it kind of became a hazy... Buzzing on the high of the Boards' set (or did someone in MOGWAI slip something in my drink?), things raged into the late night with solid sets from AUTECHRE and (mostly jazz-free) SQUAREPUSHER, though I had to wait until APHEX TWIN's smokin' apres l'heure DJ set to hear my favorite Squarepusher song.

Quicktime Killed the Video Star

The webcast site will be coming down on Monday the 15th. Apologies for all the technical difficulties in bringing you the shows, especially the YO LA TENGO and COME sets. We're working to bring them to you in the future. Working hard!

For those of you in NYC

Tonic's Songwriter Series, this Sunday the 14th: Matt Sweeney, international minister of intrigue, is singer/guitarist of CHAVEZ and has also played with Cat Power, Guided By Voices and Bonnie Prince Billie, among others. He built his empire on the back of drummer James Lo (Chavez), who will be joining him this evening. With Anomoanon. At Tonic, 107 Norfolk Street.

For those of you not in NYC

JSBX's "Flavor" will be on MTV's 120 Minutes this Sunday (the 9th video)


New THE WISDOM OF HARRY single under the name "Atari Priest"


Rapeman, Butthole Surfers and the Laughing Hyenas are now Matador Recording artists, just don't tell Corey Rusk, okay? We want him to find out on the internet first.

as well as

NIGHTMARES ON WAX, RED SNAPPER and TWO LONE SWORDSMEN amongst many on new Sugar Hill Remixed project in stores right now.

then finally

On that note, in between Super Furry Animals and ARAB STRAP gigs and pimping around London looking for more athletic gear endorsement deals, MOGWAI have been working on a track with the legendary Arthur Baker. It's a track for some benefit album that Arthur is executive producing.

That enough? Good.



November 5, 1999

No news last week because we were plagued by a horrible poltergeist. Boo!

The Garagerock Festacular we've all been waiting for is finally here. Cavestomp 99 at the Westbeth Theatre in NYC: this Friday, Saturday and Sunday (November 5-7) featuring THE DEMOLITION DOLL RODS, The Monks, The Standells, and The Chocolate Watchband among others. $25 per night or $65 for the whole shebang. Present a ticket from WFMU's Record Fair (also this weekend; also featuring The Monks on Saturday afternoon) and get $2 off.

Old Records

Chan Marshall's (CAT POWER) first record -- "Dear Sir" -- is back in print. It was formerly on Runt and is now back in print on Fillipo's (from Runt) new label Plain. The front and back covers have been changed slightly; the songs have not.

New Records

MARY TIMONY (of HELIUM) is in the studio, hard at work on her forthcoming solo album entitled "Mountains." Joining her is Christina Files (formerly of The Swirlies) on drums. We'll be bringing it to you on March 7th.

Tuesday's storm + endless repeat = "And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside-Out," the new record from YO LA TENGO. We couldn't get enough of it here in the marketing office. It features: "Let's Save Tony Orlando's House," "Night Falls on Hoboken," and "The Crying of Lot G." You know this will be good. Due out on February 22.

Any dimestore Zen Master can tell you patience is the key to a lot of things, and we like to apply that philosophy to releases. Especially the PAVEMENT video compilation, "Slow Century." February 22, friends.

And: CORNELIUS + Fantastic Plastic Machine = Fantastic Plastic Machine + CORNELIUS.

Plus: New Video for Count 5 or 6.



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