June 21, 2000

Joke-writers are a dime a dozen. They had to hire about 70 of them for that Flinstones movie several years ago, and I didn’t laugh once! So here’s a chance for all of you smart alecks to show us how fucking clever you are.

Send us your funniest Yo La Tengo joke (warning — offensive and/or insulting comments about the band will be ineligible, but might be circulated around the office). You know, something like “did you hear the one about the record company that misspelled the name of their best band?” The first 200 or so entries will win the oft-discussed Yo La Tengo “value-added” compilation CD (see old news for this one) plus a snazzy Matador sticker that you can put on your skateboard, bathroom mirror or your private parts. Tasteful/non-slanderous entries might be featured on this site (either that, or we’ll steal them and not give you credit).

If we ever use the words “value-added” in lieu of a title again, you are instructed to kill us.

Live Human — Downloadable on the double
Starting today, “Elephants’ Bliss” from the jaw-droppingly brilliant upcoming Live Human album, ‘Elefish Jellyphant’ is available from this site in MP3. Enjoy it, learn from it, and most of all, get ready to buy it.

Yo La Tengo — Webcasted
Yes, we know that some of you are getting sick of seeing Yo La Tengo in video form. That’s just too bad, the band have gone so long with their faces only being viewable in print, on stage and on post offices walls, that the video performance thing is being embraced in a big way. Starting June 22, you can watch a webcast of Yo La Tengo’s recent gig at Chicago’s Metro, with radio & video in Real or Windows Media.

Non Phixion date change
Good things come to those who wait, and even better things come when we decide to stop waiting. The long-awaited Non Phixion debut album, ’The Future is Now’ has been moved forward to a September 26 release date. With production work from luminaries like Premier, Large Professor, Necro and Pete Rock, and staples of Non Phixion’s live set like “The C.I.A. Is Trying To Kill Me,” “If You Got Love” and the recent single “Black Helicopters,” this is shaping up to be a devestating album. More news on singles, tours and documentary videos to follow.

Belle & Sebastian — Cha-ching
When you’ve got lots of people in the band, you need to sell a ton of records to pay for all the dry cleaning. Good thing then, that the glorious new Belle & Sebastian album is off to such a hot start, entering the U.S. charts at #80, the U.K. at #10, Norway at #17, etc. Without sounding too smug about it, we’d like to remind everyone that the United States is a much bigger country than almost anywhere else, save for places where they haven’t gotten round to villifying Napster yet, so we think #80 here is pretty damn good. You might say that sales are not the only thing and it’s just a popularity contest, and that’s what we say most of the time as well.

Matador alumni —
Aloha means hello/goodbye and so does “alumni”
Jean Smith, one half of the pioneering Mecca Normal, has a new solo album on Kill Rock Stars and she’s about to begin a tour with her new band. Check our tour dates section for more info.



June 6, 2000

Yo La Tengo to return to the scene of the crime

The world’s greatest band with the initials “Y.L.T.,” or as we like to call them, Yo La Tengo, will be appearing on NBC’s Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Tuesday evening, June 13 at 12:30 (eastern U.S.). We had wanted the group to discuss some of the recent allegations that have been made, but their management insisted on pre-approving the questions. So instead, the band will perform “You Can Have It All” from every smart person’s pick for album of the year, ‘And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out.’ Keep your eyes peeled for special guests — the first person to correctly identify them on our bulletin board wins absolutely nothing, other than the respect of your peers.

Lovers of late-night television will remember this is not Yo La Tengo’s first appearance on Conan. Or their first appearance on Conan’s show. The first person to write to us with the airdate of the last time Yo La Tengo were on the show, along with the song they performed, as well as the names of the other guests that night, will win 2 tickets to an upcoming Matador marketing meeting.*

(* Matador reserves the right to award an alternate prize if we don’t feel like having a meeting that day)

Two new videos are available for your viewing pleasure in real video formula; “Athens, OH” from Solex, a rarely seen, but awfully impressive clip directed by Gina Birch, a formidable recording artist in her own right (Raincoats, Hangovers). We’ve also got “This Time” from Bardo Pond, who are to video what Dwight Eisenhower was to color television — ahead of their time.

Mark Ohe — Happy birthday. And Merry Christmas.
Our resident art director, musical visionary, man vs. nature and all-around tall person, Mark Ohe, recently celebrated his birthday. If you’re thinking of sending him something, well, we can’t stop you, but you probably should have thought of that a few weeks ago.

Ex-Matador band in
multiple label switcheroo shocker

In addition to releasing the (old) new Arab Strap record (‘Elephant Shoe’) in North America on June 6th, Jetset is also releasing the live record that proceeded it, ‘Mad For Sadness,’ on July 4th. If that wasn’t thrilling enough, Arab Strap have returned to the label that brought them to worldwide prominence, Chemikal Underground, which is very happy news. That’s what they call “dancing with who brung ya,” though chances are no one was dancing.

Live Human will be performing at Amoeba Records in San Francisco (Haight Street) on Friday, July 14th, 2000 at 7PM, to celebrate the release of ‘Elefish Jellyphant.’ Some did mention that maybe drinks with friends and a quiet evening at a nice restaurant is also a good way to celebrate, but it’s too late now. We’ve booked the advertisements and rented the P.A.

Couch Tour Diary
“Back from Poland, it was really nice and really mediterranean (30 degrees), no car theft, no self burned vodka. And we slept in a training center for prison employees.” We’ve always heard that Poland had less car theft this time of year, and now we know for sure.

Belle & Sebastian — Televised Mayhem
The new multi-format smasheroo “Legal Man” entered the U.S. singles chart at No. 47 (No. 15 in the U.K.), which is a very triumphant moment for those of us who believe that quality music is more important than silly charts (which is why we’re bragging about the chart numbers). To commemorate these achievments, Belle & Sebastian appeared on the BBC’s venerable ‘Top Of The Pops’ television program this past friday evening. For those of you who haven’t seen the show before, try to imagine ‘American Bandstand’ with a lot less dancing. Tabloid rag The Mirror are reporting that the band snuck into the set of the top-rated soap opera ‘East Enders’ and were hauled away by the police. It reminds me of the time GG Allin was booked to appear on ‘The Morten Downey Jr. Show,’ but had to hide on the set of ‘People Are Talking’ during a cooking segment, because the police were looking for him. Don’t these “peace officers” have anything better to do than harrass musicians?

Father’s Day
Just a reminder that next Sunday, the 18th of June is Father’s Day. Our inhouse Children’s Rights Advocate, Clyde Kane Jr. says he will pay tribute to his estranged father, Clyde Sr. (presumed dead. or just tired) by putting his 12" picture disc of Shaquile O’Neal’s “Biological Don’t Bother” up for auction on eBay. Asked for a prediction on the upcoming Lakers/Pacers series, Kane Jr. hung up the telephone, cleaned out his desk and moved to New Mexico.

Celebrity Top Tens!

Kid 606

1. blectum from blechdom-the messy jesse fiesta
2. knifehandchop-new cd on irritant
3. dat politics-villiger
4. le tigre!!!!!!
5. skud/isound-mortal clash
6. chicks on speed-will save us all
7. adrien75-new stuff on cdr
8. gaijin-guncourt 7"
9. marilyn monroe-essential recordings
10. remote viewer-wanx for the mamaries

Ronald Reagan, U.S. President

1) Shattered Faith - "Reagan Country" b/w "I Love America"
2) Non Phixon - "I Shot Reagan"
3) A.P.P.L.E. - "Impeach Reagan"
4) D.R.I. - "Reaganomics"
(the Happy Flowers version sucked!)
5) MInutemen - "If Reagan Played Disco"
6) Wasted Youth - "Reagan’s In"
7) The Fartz - "Battle Hymn of Ronald Reagan"
8) D.I. - "Reagan’s Der Fuhrer"
9) Prince - "Ronnie Talk To Russia"
10) Reagan Youth - s/t



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