April 10, 2001

Preston School Of Industry — Rumoriffic
We’re very pleased to announce that later in 2001, Matador will be releasing a new full-length album by the Bay Area rock ‘n’ roll band known as the Preston School Of Industry. Those of you who have been lucky enough to catch their recent performances around the US opening for the likes of Mogwai, the White Stripes and others, know better than we do that this band have great songs, charisma and style literally dripping from every pore. Led by Pavement founder Spiral Stairs, PSOI will have a new 10"/CD EP on Spiral’s Amazing Grease label very soon, followed not long afterwards by the Matador full-length.

Belle & Sebastian — Just when you thought we’d never tell you anything.
Massive news from the Belle & Sebastian camp (which is actually more like an office or a personal computer. They don’t really have a “camp” per se and with the exception of certain survivalist groups we don’t know anyone who does). There’s a new single coming in June, “Jonathan and David,” backed with “Take Your Carriage Clock” and “The Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner” on 7", 12" and CD5. If that wasn’t thrilling enough, the band are currently putting the finishing touches on a soundtrack album for the forthcoming, the-title-is-top-secret motion picture from director Todd Solondz (‘Happiness,’ ‘Welcome To The Dollhouse’). Matador will be releasing this album in Autumn 2001, and we’ll have more information to share with you once we’re allowed to release it, but since this movie features the man already acclaimed by one of us as “The Christ of Character Actors,” Paul Giamatti, its place in filmic history would be assured even if it sucked. Which it most assuredly doesn’t.

Thalia Zedek — One of the planet’s finest vocalists and her forthcoming solo debut
Dates & titles are still in that ‘TBA’ netherworld, but later this year we’ll be releasing a solo album from Thalia Zedek, the phenomenal vocalist/guitarist whose contributions to bands including Come, Uzi, Live Skull and the Dangerous Birds, have long made her a favorite of ours and yours too, we’ll bet. With the assistance of producer Bryce Goggin (Come, Chavez, Bettie Serveert), Thalia is nearing completion on an album we’re confident will reestablish her as an awesome talent worthy of fear and respect. OK, maybe not fear. But this does bring us to the age-old question, is it better to be feared or respected? Some would argue that only through fear can you maintain power. Others would argue that true power can only be gained through mutual respect and understanding. I don’t really have an opinion on this and hopefully you don’t either. We have lots of work to do around here without bogged down in philosophical debate.

Malkmus + Jicks on Letterman, No Flipping, etc.
A helpful reminder that Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks will be performing their new single, “Jenny & The Ess Dog” on CBS’ “The Late Show with David Letterman” this Tuesday night (tonight) at 11:30pm (EST). The first person who can tell us that last time a Matador artist appeared on this fine program (you must name the artist, the air date and the other guests who appeared) will win their choice of Nils’ cell phone number or a (non-autographed) photo of Alan Thicke. Matador reserves the right to substitute prizes. No employees or family members are eligible to win.

Mogwai — New EP that should by no means distract you from the important task of purchasing ‘Rock Action’ the day it comes out:
On the heels of Mogwai’s recent US tour selling out venues all over the place, we have news that the band have released a new CD EP on the Temporary Residence label, ‘Travels In Constants Vol. 12.’ We don’t have any free copies of this EP to give you, so please ask someone else.

Mark Eitzel — upcoming free NY solo performance
While in town doing promo stuff for the May release of ‘The Invisible Man,’ Mark Eitzel will also be doing a special acoustic performance at 7pm, Monday April 16 at the Housing Works Used Book Cafe. (126 Crosby Street in NYC, Btwn Houston and Prince, 1 block east of Broadway)

Housing Works is a non-profit organization that provides housing, health care, job training, advocacy, and many other services for homeless New Yorkers living with HIV and AIDS. All proceeds from book and food sales at the Cafe benefit Housing Works. The gig itself is free, but if you’d like to make a donation or purchase something, that would be great.

Khan phoned this one in:
“Some news from south of the border. I’m playing tonight at a new private club where I’m the first non-Spanish speaking host in Mexico City. I also have an offer of running a Wed. weekly lesbian club night at "el Punto" in Mexico D.F. The club is known as a rehearsal space for music fanatic kids who rehearse their moves in front of a big mirror at the club. They copy the exact moves of all pop videos.” Khan finally got his own dance company.

The Wisdom of Harry — Updated
Professor Pete Astor (what’s he building in there?) is currently recording in Bigfoot studios. Lots of words and guitar playing, sounding like Duane Eddy meeting ’57 Elvis in space. Sometimes. And as Ellis Island Sound, together with his musical partner David Sheppard, the Manic Street Preachers’ “Ocean Spray” is being teased into a Penguin Cafe-type shape, featuring massed acoustic guitars and melodicas over the ever-funky Bentley Rhythm Ace. A new CD single of “Coney Island Of Your Mind” has just come out in UK, along with some non-album material including a cover of The Fall’s “Rebellious Jukebox.”

D-Stroy — Shares his thoughts with you lucky readers
“If this one don’t get up, I give up on taking part in these updates. Sup monkey people? I’M great, sore as hell, just got back from hosting a Burton Snowboard event for the first time. It was intense. The mountains were sick and the weather was dope. I busted my ass so much that I wanted to beat up all the little 8 year old kids that were showing off doing tricks. Yeah, I called a couple of them punks but they went by so fast they didn’t hear me. I died laughing for hours every time I fell. New single, ‘Roll Out’ 12" out 5/22, the most important record cause it’s the first of the D-Stroy/Pyrobot movement.”

Listening piles. Because home taping is killing home cd burning.

Patrick Amory, Matador Records
1. The Kinks "The Great Lost Kinks Album" LP (Reprise)
2. Atlantic Ocean "Tranquillity [sic] Bay" LP (Love)
3. The New Year "Newness Ends" LP (Touch & Go)
4. Spoon "Girls Can Tell" LP (Merge)
5. Coloured Balls "Ball Power" LP (EMI AUS)
6. Kaleidoscope "The Fairfield Parlour Years" dbl CD (Kaleidoscope Recording Company)
7. Them "Time In! Time Out For Them" LP (Tower)
8. Status Quo "Blue For You" LP (Vertigo)
9. Status Quo "Quo" LP (Vertigo)
10. Status Quo "On The Level" LP (Vertigo)
But frankly as wonderful as all these records are, "The Great Lost Kinks Album" is really #1 and the rest are #91-99.

Doug Nyce’s cookies and treats list.
Self Scientific -- "The Self Science" LP (SOL Music Works)
Lone Catalysts -- "Place to be" (BUKA)
D-Stroy -- "The Show Must Go On" (Matador)
Jay Dee -- "Welcome To Detroit" LP (BBE)
Cappadonna -- "Supermodel" (Epic)
SoundProviders feat. Grap Luva -- "Who Am I" (ABB)
Wes Mongomery -- Boss Guitar (Riverside)
Unspoken Heard -- "This Is Me" (Sevenheads)
J-Zone feat. Huggy Bear -- "Live from Pimp Palace East" (Eastern Conference/Rawkus)

Dave Martin, Matador Records
1. Monsieur Jeffery Evans "Live At Shangri-La Records: I’ve Lived A Rich Life" Record of the year and people are going to have to go a long way to beat it. 2. OOIOO Live.
3. The Now Time Delegation "Watch For Today"
4. Screamers "In A Better World" Dbl CD of Live & Demo stuff 5. The Stars "Today"
6. Steffan Basho Junghans "Inside"
7. Modey Lemon "You Bug Me / Combustion (bring it on)"
8. The Karl Hendricks Rock Band "Thank God We Have Limes" 7"
9. Howe Gelb "Confluence"
10. Autechre "Confield"

Mr Pete Astor (The Wisdom Of Harry) currently endorses the following musical things:
The Modern Age by The Strokes - fucking irresistible!
J.J. Cale - Naturally LP - particularly the drum box tracks, the tape hiss and the album’s thirty-two minute length.
Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - "As I Sat Sadly By Her Side" and "God Is in the House" from the new album. Such intelligence, such passion, such psychosis! Noodles - The Complete Death Of Cool - the perfect accompaniment to a quick game of Star Wars Racer.
"Music Arcade" - Giant Sand - a song that stopped me in my tracks, but I have no idea why.

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records
M.Ward - upcoming CD (Loose)
Company Flow / Ill Bill - Simian D aka Feeling Ignorant
(Def Jux)
Alias - Final Act (Anticon)
Grand Agent - By Design (Groove Attack)
Mark Robinson - EM CD (Teenbeat)
Jan Jelinick - Loop-Finding-Jazz-Record (scape)



April 1, 2001

ROCKWYRE - 1 April 2001
by J. Jack Monty and Sam Flax


New York, NY -- In a strategic move designed to change music industry forever, Matador Records will launch the "Mataster" program. A program that will allow listeners to get records for free, while charging radio stations and writers for promos. "We’ll be post dating the promo fees to cover the last ten years of free records," said Matador’s financial guru Adam Carrol. "We will also charge for postage, at the current domestic rate of course" said Carrol. "Plans are in the works to levy additional charges handling and insurance and incidentals. We just need to figure out what we can get away with." "Mataster" distributions of the free CDs will be centered around keggers and drum-circles at college campuses, Jell-o shot nights at bars and at Taco Bells.

Jazzville, Non-Player Town -- Riding the sales momentum of Ken Burns’ JAZZ series, Matador will release a 400 cd box set of Louis Armstrong’s catalog. The set -- listing at $5,000 US ($7,000 CANADA) -- will cover such career highlights as Louis’ first attempts at smoking weed, as well as his first use of the word "cats" -- which was pronounced as "elephants" -- and a never-before-heard track of him wiping sweat from his forehead. If successful, Matador will follow up the Armstrong release with a 500 CD box set of Wynton Marsalis. Tentatively titled, "Hey! Look at me! I am the non-threatening cherubic face of homogenized Jazz!" the set is considered so dense that the liner notes themselves will need their own ZIP code. Highlights of the set include Wynton brilliantly kissing his own ass, as well as his memorable firing of all the white Jews from the Lincoln Center Jazz Band. Future titles in Matador’s re-issue series will include a daring entre into Country/Techno which will be released on piano-roll only, the preferred medium of Country/Techno lovers. Look for it late 2001.

Stonerville College -- In an unprecedented musical move sensitive-songster Mark Eitzel will take on the heavy sounds of Mogwai while Mogwai will explore their sensitive-songster side. "We discussed the idea at SXSW, and thought we’d do it at SXSE, but then realized there’s no such thing as SXSE so we decided to do it NXSW to debut the new set." The daring move was decided when both artists said they would rather tour on each others records. "It’s like musically sharing a t-shirt with your roommate. Or a pizza," said the very enthusiastic Eitzel. "I’m so bored with playing the new set, so I decided to play Mogwai’s." "I figure all I need was about 8,000 more amps, a drummer and a distortion pedal & I’m ready to go!" Although unavailable for comment, Mogwai dove headfirst into the endeavor by holing up in Marks’ apartment deciding which of his trademark hats they should wear.

TV Theme-Land, TV -- TVT will be releasing a special edition soundtrack for that commercial starring TVT president Steve Gottlieb. The record will contain such beloved highlights as "Steve on the cell phone in a restaurant," "Steve checking his stock quotes in the recording studio," plus from the 80’s Reissue Series, "Steve Gottlieb’s Pony Tail (Jason Nevins Remix ’89)." "The explosive success of such soundtracks as ‘Grumpier Old Men,’ ‘Species 2,’ ‘The Fan,’ and ‘Spy Kids’ will carry over to the release of the ‘Steve Gottlieb Commercial Soundtrack’ said TVT label rep Samuel Flaxton. A special limited edition 2-CD set will include an extended remix of "Steve’s Theme" by Trent Reznor.

McMahonville, WWF -- In the wake of the WWF’s (World Wrestling Federation’s) acquisition of rival WCW (World Championship Wrestling), the WCW has announced it will donate all WCW merchandise to the homeless. "Let’s face it," said former WCW owner Ted Turner, "these shirts and crap aren’t worth much anymore." The plan -- which will clothe the nation’s growing homeless population while giving Turner a massive tax write-off -- calls for the immediate airlift of all t-shirts, hats and drinking paraphernalia to the nation’s poor and needy. "I am looking forward to getting a stack of Nitro-Girl shirts and hats for me and my family," said Washington, DC homeless man Buddy "No-Teeth" Gumshoes. "I think this is a great idea," said WCW wrestler Dustin Rhodes, "I’m really going to need some t-shirts when I move into that refrigerator box I’ve been eyeing for the last 5 hours."

Astor Place, New York -- In an attempt to thwart the head trend that began in the NBA but was quickly adopted by non-NBA rockers like Billy Corgan & trip-technoist Moby, as well as most rock and roll roadies, Matador has formed the said M.S.H.D.C.C. (Matador Shaved Head Disease Control Center). Although once thought controllable, Shaved Head Disease has quickly turned into a global epidemic. "My ponytail was really starting to show some parking lots upstairs," said roadie Rob "Rockmeister" Brickman. "So I figured with the shaved head look people could think that I’m either a big Midnight Oil fan, or a possible member of the Utah Jazz." In the past, Matador has successfully thwarted such social-life threatening trends as the Fanny Pack as well as the Puffy Paisley Shirt, but feels this current epidemic might be their biggest challenge to date. "We feel that the trend could cross back to the female gender, with the return of Sinead O’Connor" said M.S.H.D.C.S. (Matador Shaved Head Disease Control Specialist) Shelby Cambell, "but we have a lot of men in their thirties to concentrate on." Efforts include handing out wigs at several upcoming Soft Boys concerts as well as sending a Shaved Head Awareness team to local schools in an effort educate the nation’s youth on the social dangers of a barren scalp.



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