October 16, 2001

The Solex Radio Show
Elisabeth writes: “When I was 18 and lived on my own for the first time, I didn’t have a television set. So, I listened to the radio most of the time. I quickly found out that it wasn’t national or regional radio that was worth listening to, but the smaller Amsterdam based pirate stations. Ever since I’m always searching for frequencies in the ether in order to spot more radio pirates. I don’t have a so-called ‘bakkie’ (27MC rig), to enter the ether, but I did make a kind of radio program which you can listen to.

And yes... it’s on the site of Dutch national radio station VPRO (Very Pirate Radio Ok). You can also listen to a short live radio set.

Belle & Sebastian — We Stand Corrected
Contrary to prior reports, the forthcoming Belle & Sebastian single (in stores November 27) is entitled “I’m Waking Up To Us” not “The Season Has Arrived.” We now return you to Game 5 of American League Divisional Series between Cleveland and Seattle.

Arab Strap / Aereogramme Tour.
Nope. Not This Time.

Due to circumstances beyond our control, this autumn’s Arab Strap / Aereogramme double bill will not be hitting towns around North America, but we are hopeful Arab Strap will be back in our neck of the woods sometime in 2002. And there is a possibility of Aereogramme hitting the U.S. prior to that. More news as it develops.

Arsonists New Tour Begins.
Some thoughts From Q-Unique.

In support of the new album Date Of Birth, the Arsonists are currently on tour (check the tour dates section). Meanwhile, in the aftermath of last months tragic events in New York City, here are some observations from Q-Unique:

“The day started with high anticipation because my (arsonists) new album was dropping... we were also scheduled to do an in-store at Fat Beats... I was excited... anyway, I was chillin with my son about to drop him off with my Mom, all of a sudden my phone rang... my Mom had said that a plane had crashed into the twin towers... so I’m thinking no fuckin way... my Mom must be buggin... sure enough I turned on the TV and I see the second plane hit the other tower... my jaw dropped... all of a sudden... my LP didn’t matter... I held on to my son in fright and automatically knew this was more than just an accident... so I started calling loved ones that I knew worked in the area... particularly my father who works in the building next door. I didn’t get an answer, so now I’m full of panic... Eclipse from Fat Beats calls and says, “I don’t think ya in-store is happenin” in my way this is eclipse just showin concern, he was just as confused as I was... we hung up, then my family members started callin one by one askin... “where’s ya father?” So now I’m nervous... my son’s mother called. She was OK thank God... she had to make her way towards the Bronx; everything downtown was shut down. So I tried callin my father’s cell phone, the phone picked up and all I heard was screaming, so now I’m really buggin the fuck out, yelling HELLO, HELLO!!!! The phone disconnects. Again at this point, the LP doesn’t matter... it’s interesting how one thing can change the state of people in a matter of seconds... eventually after hours of just staying still in my living room, watching the disaster on the news, my father calls me... he is safe, and tells me he witnessed the whole thing... the planes, the people jumping to their deaths, the fires, the smoke, debris, and glass all over the place... and how he had to walk almost to the Bronx from there... which is an incredible journey... what does this experience tell me... well, the first thing that comes to mind is the song by Dead Prez, which keeps on going over in my head... “it’s bigger than Hip Hop”... it also definitely shows you that you can’t sleep on nobody ... FOR REAL... now I do feel anger, sadness, grief, and confusion... why pick on people that have nothing to do with government POLITRICKS... these are innocent people... and all races where involved... lots of people worked in those buildings... black, white, Latino, Asian, including people of Arabian descent... plus the people on the planes that where killed, including the children... and if you’re a father like myself, and many other Hip Hop parents... let’s just say it’s not something you want to even fathom... this is a tragedy... and before I go on... we just cannot go around thinking that all Arabians (Muslims) are to blame... so we can not just go up to any Muslim in the street and harm them... this is not the answer... we must wait until we have proof beyond reasonable doubt as to who these people are that could’ve caused this disaster, apprehend them, and punish them... right now, the weather is beautiful in NY, and yet, it’s cold and grim... and just think we (the arsonists) had an album comin out, that same day... and for some reason... it just doesn’t matter as much... I talked to Swel and Jise and we came to a conclusion... 50% of our share, of the earnings of this album (Date of Birth), will be giving to any support group towards this disaster, this is a way for hip hoppers to give in a time of need to a real cause... LIFE... peace and God bless...”

Aereogramme — A Word From Craig B
First of all we are all very dissapointed to hear that the Arab Strap tour was cancelled since we were so excited about coming over to play in America for the first time but I’m sure we will get over eventually and we are counting the days until it happens.

Aereogramme just came back from their first British tour since the release of ‘A Atory in White.’ The travelling was made a lot easier by our tape collection consisting of TOOL / QUICKSAND / P J HARVEY / SYSTEM OF A DOWN / SLAYER / SPARKELHORSE / RED HOUSE PAINTERS and a taping of our recorded John Peel session which will be broadcast later in the year. It has three brand new tracks plus a chaotic reworking of “Shouting for Joey” which appears on the new album.

We have been listening to the usual eclectic nonsense but special mention has to be given to TOOL - LATERALUS / NEUROSIS - A SUN THAT NEVER SETS / OTIS READING - BEST OF / FUGAZI - THE ARGUEMENT / LIFT TO EXPERIENCE - THE TEXAS, JERUSALEM CROSSROADS

It’s all mainly guitar music, I know, but that’s what has been tickling our fancy lately. If anyone wishes to write to Aereogramme, your letters will be gratefully received and we will reply to everyone until we get huge and famous and our egos overtake ourselves. Thanks.

Tours To Watch For
Preston School of Industry, Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks, and The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion are all currently playing the towns and hamlets of this great nation. Especially the hamlets. Check the tour dates section for up to date information.

Staff and Artists Playing Favorites

Patrick Amory, Matador Records
1. P.G. Six -- Parlor Tricks and Porch Favorites (Amish CD)
2. Margo Guryan -- 25 Demos (Oglio CD)
3. The Who -- Live At Leeds (Deluxe Edition)
(MCA double CD)
4. Celia Cruz -- Son Con Guaguanco/La Excitante
(Demon CD)
5. Fugazi -- The Argument (Dischord CD)
6. Wagner -- Die Walkre, Furtwngler/Vienna Philh.
7. Wagner -- Siegfried, Krauss/Bayreuth Festival Orch. (Foyer 4LP)
8. Brahms -- Symphony No. 4, Munch/Boston SO (RCA CD)
9. Wagner -- Operatic Excerpts, Furtwngler/Flagstad/var. orch. (EMI 2CD)
10. Soler -- Music for Harpsichord, Puyana (Mercury LP)

Jesper Eklow, Matador Records
Comedian Harmonists - s/t (Flapper/Pavilion)
v/a - The Wibbly Wobbly Walk - Novelty Numbers From the Original Phonograph Cylinders and 78’s (Saydisc)
Pierre Schaeffer - L’oevre Musicale (Musidisc)
Pablo Casals - Victor Recordings (Biddulph)
Abner Jay - Swaunee Water (Brandie)
Neil Innes with Yo La Tengo at Village Underground 10/9/2001 - a very pleasant evening (even with the entire WFMU militia in attendance)
and where the f#k is the VU Quine Tapes already??!!

Ben Goldberg, Matador Records
Julie Doiron - Dsormais (Jagjaguwar) French always sounds better when sung by the non-French.

Slayer - God Hates Us All (American) - The best part is during "Discipline" when Araya is singing the album title chorus and right before the guitar solo lets out a "Yeah, he f***ing hates me!" Yeah!

Margo Guryan (Franklin Castle) - Take A Picture - Really good bad singing dates at least as far back as the sixties.

Jonathan Franzen, author of The Corrections, on Nightline: "You know, this attack hasn’t just affected New York City. The whole metropolitan area has been touched." Koppel: "Don’t you think this has affected the entire nation, if not the whole world? Maya Angelou, let’s take things back to you... " Irregardless, his book is very good.

James McNew, Yo La Tengo
highlights of the 1st week and a half of October 2001:
1. rocking with Mr. Neil Innes
2. Kevin Spacey, "Mind Games"

J. Burger, secret top ten
1. T. Rex - Zinc alloy and the hidden riders of tomorrow
2. Leonard Cohen - Songs of ...
3. Syd Barret - Madcap Laughs / Barrett / Opel
3. Love - Forever Changes
4. Eno - Another Green World
5. Joni Mitchell - Ladies of the Canyon
6. Dexys Midnight Runners - Dont stand me down
7. Orange Juice - The Third Album
8. Nick Heyward - North of a Miracle
9. Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks
10. Little Feat Sailin Shoes

Mark Ohe, Matador Records
"hot spots in british columbia"
(canada’s south western province)

spences bridge
cache creek
aspen grove

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records
Takagi Masakatsu Pia (Carpark)
Fugazi The Argument (Dischord)
Califone Roomsound (Perishable)
D. Haines Emo (Sigma)
Lesser Mensa Dance Squad (Tigerbeat6)
T. Valentine Hello LucilleAre You A Lesbian? (Norton)
Buddy Greco Big Bands & Ballads (Reprise)
The Notwist Neon Golden (City Slang)


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