February 14, 2002

Belle and Sebastian return to the US for a brief tour, including stops in NYC, Boston, Philadelphia, Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, Atlanta, Austin and Indio, CA. Tickets for most of the shows go on sale this weekend. For more detailed information, choose the date you want to see.



February 12, 2002

Q: I can’t find your records anywhere.
A: Yes, you can, you’re just asking us on the wrong day

Following the tumultuous switcheroo from our previous primary distributor to falling into the welcome arms of ADA once again, you’ve probably had a hard time finding some of our records these past several weeks. And please don’t say, “I wasn’t really looking” because that just hurts our feelings. Well, now that we’re finally up and running in ADA’s system, Matador titles old and new shall be plentiful in the finer record shops across the USA. If you are still having trouble locating your chosen fave, please let us know. Not via the bulletin board, via e-mail. OK?

Mary Timony
We can happily confirm that Mary Timony’s new album is called ‘The Golden Dove’ and shall be released in May, accompanied by a tour of all the places that matter. If you live somewhere else, don’t be offended, that’s just a form of hyperbole, we meant nothing personal by it.

‘Point’ is now available in North America and most of Europe (UK release date is 25 February). Go to the video section to check out the Cornelius interview where you can hear and read (with subtitles) what inspired him to make his latest masterpiece. To top it off, you get a chance to stream five different commercials and music videos. We’ve also decided to extend the contest until 2/28 since we just got a package from Cornelius’ label in Japan. They’ve generously offered special promotional items to add to the winning grab bags. These are not for sale and manufactured in Japan so they’re hard to come by, folks. Give it a try.

Apologetic note: this contest is limited to US and Canadian residents. If you think that is unfair, look at the bright side: outside of those countries no one is stupid enough to play Creed records on the radio.

Keigo Oyamada and band are currently rehearsing in Tokyo for their upcoming world tour. Japan dates have been announced (check tour section for details). As of now, it looks like he will play a few showcases in the UK in May (these dates will be up shortly) and head over to the states in June.

Richard Hell
Fresh from reading his new book Hot and Cold at the prestigious National Arts Club in NYC, the hard-working Hell is finishing the luxe artwork and liner notes to the upcoming ‘Time’ just down the hall, as we speak. Almost simultaneously he is the cover boy for the new (Feb. 2002) issue of The Wire magazine. The 2 CD/32 song ‘Time’ will be released in the US of A on March 19.

For more info on Richard’s publicity juggernaut and news on upcoming readings, etc, including his upcoming March 2002 book tour of the UK and France, be sure to check out his personal website.

Jon Spencer
Blues Explosion
After a crazy one-night stand opening for Ike Turner in NYC in January, the ‘Plastic Fang’ onslaught begins in March when the Blues Explosion play a quick two-night stand on the west coast, March 10 at Bimbo’s in SF and March 11 at the El Rey in Los Angeles. More dates in April and May are being confirmed as we speak. The first European single and accompanying video from ‘Plastic Fang’ is the track “She Said” (not a Beatles or Cramps cover, but much better than anything either band has done recently.)

Belle and Sebastian
Belle and Sebastian have completed their new album ‘Storytelling,’ music inspired by director Todd Solondz’s (“Happiness,” “Welcome to the Dollhouse”) mind blowing film of the same name (or at the very least, inspired by the circumstances of being commissioned to write and record a soundtrack album.) As you may have seen and heard, there’s quite a lot of press/tv coverage for “Storytelling,” so we encourage you to see the film and form your own intelligent opinions. (That said, if you didn’t like the movie please tell someone else; we’re tired of hearing the same complaints over and over again. If the popcorn was stale and the guy sitting behind you wouldn’t shut up, Matador does not owe you a refund.) “Storytelling” opens nationwide this week.

As for the soundtrack, there isn’t an official street date yet, but we’re shooting for around the same time as the next Belle and Sebastian US tour, hopefully next May.

You might be wondering what exactly “music inspired by the film” really means, because that’s the sort of thing a record company would say about a Prince album featuring one stinking song from the Batman movie and nothing else heard in the cinema. To that, all we can say is, inspiration is very hard to quantify (as Prince has shown time and time again).

In the meantime, Belle and Sebastian have confirmed a series of UK dates in March and April. The following news item proves once again that this isn’t just another bunch of rock shows in smoky auditoriums.

And we’ve just learned that Belle and Sebastian will be performing at this year’s Coachella Fetival in Indio, CA. Coachella, for those blissfully unaware, is kind of like Lollapalooza squeezed into one big show instead of one big tour. Other artists confirmed for this year’s event are Oasis (are they still together?), Blonde Redhead (you won’t catch any Matador artists doing commercials for jeans companies. ...oh, yeah, sorry about that. You won’t catch more than half the artists on Matador doing jeans commercials), the Prodigy and Bjork. At this writing, Skid Row have not been added to the bill, but perhaps there is a petition you can circulate.

In television news, the February 12 plot of “The Gilmore Girls” centers around the struggle to get Belle and Sebastian’s latest EP while grounded. “Legal Man” will hopefully play in the episode as well. This coming Tuesday on the WB, 8:00 PM EST.

A quick Matmos update this time around since these guys are hard at work juggling so many projects at one time. After their worldwide tour opening and performing with Bjork and promoting their latest album, Matmos returned to their hometown, San Francisco, to finish what they left off before they went on the road. Then, on very short notice, they’ve been asked to play with Bjork on a two week promo tour in Paris, Cologne, and San Remo for a bunch of music awards and radio shows. They end in London in the studio working on Bjork’s new material.

Preston School of Industry (On a Mission From God)
Scott and Co. have a couple shows upcoming with our good friends Guided By Voices....

March 1 at House of Blues in Anaheim, CA
March 3 at Bimbos 365 in San Francisco, CA

PSOI’s recent webcast from House Of Blues may or may not be archived. If not, you can probably find an excellent Everclear set on the House Of Blues site, or maybe some good pictures of Dan Ackroyd.

Aereogramme have just announced
a trio of dates in the UK:
February 13 - Aberdeen - Lemon Tree
February 27 - Dundee - On Air East (with Icarus Line)
February 28 - Glasgow - King Tut’s (with Icarus Line)

Don’t forget the videos now up on the Matador site. Two songs live from the Mercury Lounge and two solo acoustic tracks from the Matador roof. In short sleeves. In December. Go figure.

Craig B writes: Aereogramme Tour Nonsense. For some reason, Germany has taken to the aereogramme album like a big fat duck to water so with the help of John Peel getting us over for a gig in Holland, we decided to head off to Germany for a few dates, nipping into Switzerland and Belgium for a few nights as well.


11th - Groningen - Grand Theatre - Holland
Pretty impressive wee town this. It’s hard to explain just how efficient the Europeans are at these types of festivals but the whole town square was turned into a festival site with the venues within spitting distance of each other (we know this as Martin tried to spit on the jazz nonsense coming from the venue opposite ours). We also had the utter pleasure of having dinner with John Peel and his wife and managed to hear some pretty great stories involving Rod Stewart and "whispering" Bob Harris. A total honour.

12th - Rotterdam - Rotown
Beautiful venue beside a pretty skanky canal. Dont seem to remember much about this gig. Funny that....

13th - Bielefeld - Forum
First date in Germany where we met Ollie our German tour manager who was a huge help. Our German is frankly non-existent which is shameful since every other country seems to be able to speak many languages. The hotel had a full circus tent set up beside it. Almost thought of running away to the circus but then I realized I’ve never seen a bearded clown in my life so the tour continued.

16th - Weinheim - Cafe Central
We broke down here and were stuck for two days which entertained the nosey locals. Great gig the night before though since the promoter blasted the new Slayer album and refused "new noise" through the P.A. at full volume after the show.

18th - Fribourg - Fri-Son - Switzerland
Terrible gig. My guitar was cutting out all the way through the first three songs which destroyed any hope of laying down some "mean licks" on the unsuspecting Swiss folk (and band members). A certain group of kids had come from the town of Basil, the cancelled gig the night before so they got a second boot in the baws as they witnessed our equipment fall apart. Sorry.

19th - Zurich - Rote Fabrik
Beautiful venue situated beside a huge lake with the Alps at the end towering over everything. Had great enjoyment seeing three very stoned metal fans headbanging to our heavier songs and then rolling some "funny cigarettes" during our quiet songs. No time wasted there.

21st - Dresden - Scheuene
I don’t think Dresden district council have repaired the roads in their fine city since it was flatened as I have never been thrown about a tour bus as much as our approach to the venue. Amazing venue though. Managed to get a full bottle of Jagermeister from the promoter as well. Jagermeister is the German version of buckfast. We tried to explain the meaning of "fighting wine" to the Germans after that.

23rd - Hamburg - Logo
Had a great night out in Hamburg thanks to Ollie. We also managed to find a pub with a heavy metal female D.J. who totally made our night by playing TOOL, AC/DC and many other tunes to which we instantly made tits of ourselves by air drumming to most of the songs. Martin admitted that night that he would leave us in an instant if offered the drumming job in AC/DC. Dont blame him. I’d do it as well.

24th - Essen - KKC
Second night in a row where we have been praised by a transexual. Wonder if there is a pattern forming?

25th - Antwerp - Der Singel
Another amazing festival set in Belgium this time. Played a pretty good set to a seated audience in the biggest hall we have ever seen, let alone played in. Cornershop headlined that night and suffered every band’s worst nightmare. An audience of around 1000 was reduced to around 100 by the end of their set. It was like that Trigger Happy sketch where the audience leave the minute the band start playing. It was so horrible to watch and I can only imagine what that must have felt like on stage. Yeuch.

26th - Amsterdam - Paradiso
Campbell managed to spit on the weirdest heckler we have ever had. I still have no idea if he liked us or hated us but man, this guy would not shut up and made no sense at all. He was telt by the big man, though. (Campbell, not God).

27th - Den Bosch - W2
Played this gig at 4:30 in the afternoon which was a first! Great D.J. that afternoon though. Shellac / The God Machine / Chavez etc.... Good end to the tour.

This tour, we have been mostly listening to: Converge- "jane doe" / Slayer- "God hates us all" / The Dirty Three- "whatever you love, you are" / Fantomas / Stars of the Lid- "The tired sounds of...."

We have also been laughing at all the incredibly bad videos being shown on MTV2 right now. We have never laughed so much as we did upon seeing the new Creed video for the first time. What a load of pish.

Thank you and see you soon.

Cat Power: Ouch
No news yet concerning titles and release dates for Chan’s new Matador album, but she’s working on it. But not today, as she hurt her hand playing basketball. As a result, her recent batch of East Coast dates have been rescheduled (see below):

24 - Providence, RI - Met Cafe
25 - Boston, MA - Coolidge
26 - Brooklyn, NY - Warsaw
27 - Purchase, NY - SUNY Purchase
28 - Tivoli, NY - Milagros Church

Unfortunately, the Feb 8, Athens, GA show (@ UGA) will not be able to be re-scheduled. Also, the Atlanta (Feb 14) & Savannah (Feb 16) shows are off for now, hopefully to be re-scheduled in April.

Head’s Up From Lyle
Also, what about this possible new Matador product?

Liz Phair has a role in the movie “Cherish,” described as a musical horror film. Her co-stars: Robin Tunney who was in the Craft. Jason Priestly. Liz and Brandon Walsh together in film.

D-Stroy: In the Snow
Catch D-Stroy at Fridge Magazine’s “Snowed Out” Allstar Weekend Breckenridge, Colorado 4/5-7, with Ludacris. D-story’s long awaited CD compiling his 2 recent Matador 12"’s + extra stuff is still being prepared... but coming soon!

Large Pro: At Lincoln Center,
New Full-Length Forthcoming
The Large Professor performance at Lincoln Center was a huge success. The Extra P rocked classic joints “Looking At The Front Door,” “Just Hangin’ Out,” “Fakin’ The Funk” (with Neek The Exotic), and current hits “Blaze Rhymez” and “Bout’ That Time” in front of 3,000 heads. The Living legend received a standing ovation after having to rock the second half of his set a capella because of bad sound. Even the sound man can’t keep a good emcee down.

What’s Up Matador: Exotic Locations-Style
MEXICO - Suave Records is the label, they started out last year with the soundtrack for "E Tu Mama Tambien" featuring many artists that you may know of.... They just signed a three year licensing deal with Matador and their first batch of releases will incude Cornelius ’Point,’ Stephen Malkmus, Yo La Tengo ’And Then Nothing...’ and Console ’Rocket in the Pocket.’ Any of you living in the Great White South in need of assistance please check their website.

SOUTH KOREA - Ales Music. Famous for making Stephen Malkmus play “Here” one more time. This label will manufacture and distribute Matador product in South Korea for at least the next three years. Ales will release most of the upcoming Matador albums and a few older ones as well. All the info you need plus some truly embarrassing pictures from a certain recent event can be found on their site.

AUSTRALIA - Our dear friends over at SPUNK! released Mark Eitzel’s ‘The Invisible Man’ last year and will release Cornelius ‘Point’ in a matter of minutes. And there will be more Matador records coming out through Spunk! soon as well. Distribution over there is handled by the very capable INERTIA Distribution. These guys have pretty much the entire Matador Catalog available at this point. And as Couch let you know, Comrade Records licensed Couch ‘Profane.’

ARGENTINA - Ultrapop in Buenos Aires signed a licensing deal with us last year for all of South America with the exception of Brazil and started by releasing Preston School of Industry and Stephen Malkmus. Cornelius ’Point’ will be available shortly.

Don’t forget our old friends:
P-Vine — best record label in Japan, purveyors of fine Matador music for the past three years.

Trama — in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Probably the most inspiring label to deal with in all of South America, we’ve worked with these guys for three years now as well.

Magnum Music — in Taiwan are three-year veterans too.

Lesser Missive
“Well, lessee. My month of bicycle riding was postponed (hard to get a bike for free), so I spent the last month and a half pretty much sitting around thinking about working on a new Matador record, I got some shows coming up, which you will see below... The Matador record is coming along nicely. And I finally finished the 12 hour Lesser MP3 album (coming soon on Tigerbeat6), which covers pretty much everything from 1990 to 2000 - with lots of unreleased / live / rare stuff... Gee, that only took 2 years. I am feeling incredibly uninspired first thing in the morning.... O - I have a new addiction... Grand Theft Auto 3... I got sick for a week (fever = 104 Fahrenheit) and hallucinated GTA3 — like I had to steal pickup trucks and do some sort of intense mind puzzle, this while in reality I am banging my head on a chair and burning myself on the heater because I have the chills so bad. Yessiree, quite a month.”

Quick-Fast Northwest Tour 2002
w/b Levin bLectum (video: Ryan Junell) & Electric Birds
23FEB02 : Portland
24FEB02 : Seattle - Sit N Spin
26FEB02 : San Francisco - Bottom of the Hill
w/ members of Anticon (Dose, Why?, Nosdam, Sole and perhaps others?) and BLECTUM FROM BLECHDOM

Trash-America : San Francisco 01MAR02
w/ Aneurysm, DJ Paedofile, Nommo Ogo, O.S.T., Kevin Parish, Phthalocyanine and Planetsize

SXSW : Austin, TX
12MARCH02 - AMODA (Austin Museum of Digital Art)
w/Joseph Nothing & Stars as Eyes
15MARCH02 - SXSW Showcase
w/bLevin bLectum (video: Ryan Junell)

Mount Florida: Twitch reports
“long time no update. basically, there has been no activity in the mount florida camp. this could be due to trying to come back down to earth after the rapturous response to our album, struggling with that difficult second album or due to the fact that mp lancaster has knackered his back.

unfortunately it’s the latter and poor mp is in so much pain that he has been unable to sit in front of his g4 and make music for many, many months. he is getting slightly better but it’s best not to rush these things. in the meantime, he has probably amassed enough samples of his back being manipulated by various ostheopaths and chiropracters to form the rhythms for a quadruple concept album. or did someone else already do something similar?

in the meantime, twitch continues to dj around and about and is still at the helm of the monstrous optimo. optimo has now spawned two labels - oscarr and another which had better go unamed for fear of reprisals from several top pop star’s lawyers.

i can’t be bothered listing what i’ve been listening to recently but you can see my pop dj’ing selections online.”

“I never ever worried about modern classical music untill now. The 17th of May there will be a ‘Cut & Paste’ kind of festival in Utrechts’ nice venue Vredenburg. The highly esteemed ‘Maarten Altena assemble’ will play (rearrange) 6 Solex songs combined with some of the work of Charles Ives. Charles Ives was a 20th century composer who was well known for musical quotes in his compositions (yep, a bit like sampling).

I just had my first meeting with mister Altena, and felt kind of common, just because most of the Solex compositions weren’t poly-rythmic. The 17th I will trigger my samples & sing some bits together with a real scholared voice. The ensemble has 9 members. We only have one rehearsal date. So... for someone who doesn’t know how to read notes, I’ve got many reasons to be nervous. I will of course make recordings of the rehearsal & of the actual performance in order to sample and party (there might be more cutting then pasting this time) !!”

Khan: Something Exploded In His Face
“i just had a minor accident here in mexico trying to light my boiler after the gas went out. it blew up in my face and i look like bob geldolf in pink floyd’s ‘the wall,’ with no eye lashes and brows. i go out with sun glasses, or only at night.

i finshed a reggae project with my friend christian jandreiko, also known for his release on flesh records ‘planeten suite,’ for little annie of on u-sound fame, crass etc... we will record her vocals in march in nyc. the project is called little annie and the legally jammin’ and is wacky dub-diva roots-robots.

otherwise i’m enjoying mexico and have some guest shows here with a wannabe cramps band and some solo show. i hired 5 dancers that look just like the the backstreet boys and 3 private police officers for a show at the matador / bullfight museum in downtown mexico. the dancers know every move of the b.b.’s. i will report on how the show went.

i will move to berlin this summer with my friend and partner snax to tour with captain comatse, piere and gilles style.

I’ll be touring with kid congo powers and nick cave and the bad seeds april - may, and playing aquaplanig festival in france in june 28th-30th.

further, i will host a musical in geneva later this year. i will be the evil character. the show will be presented on a boat at the beautiful geneva lake, the music is provided by the dead brothers and will tour later this year germany, france, and switzerland. the shows start october and will go on until nov.

i got a report by mignon from peaches that ‘ride me’ is a big hit in australian strip tease clubs.... what could be a better compliment for me !! therefore i will record my new album this winter in australia with my friend adam 8-bit and it’s gonna be some r’n’b-grace-jones-frankenstein.”

Sad Rockets: Andrew Pekler Solo Album
Sad Rockets’ Andrew Pekler has a new album under his own name entitled ‘Station To Station’ due out end of April on Stefan Betke’s scape records, also home to Pole, Jan Jelinek, Kit Clayton and Burnt Friedman. The following blurb comes to us from scape:

On this, his first album under his own name, Andrew Pekler deals with the possibilites of combining the precise funk of machines with the unpolished playing of human hands. With an appreciation for the early jazz/electronics experiments of Herbie Hancock, Miles Davis and Sun Ra, but also with an interest in the use of sounds devoid of obvious musical-historical references, Andrew Pekler offers an interesting variation on the theme of man/machine interplay.

Until now Andrew, a California native living in Heidelberg, was known for his involvement in Sad Rockets (Source/ Matador) and Bergheim 34 (Klang Elektronik). His relocation to Berlin in the Fall of 2001 brought with it not only a change of scenery but also new acquaintances, contacts and musical interests all of which combined, inspired the making of ‘Station to Station.’

While tracks like “First Snow, Last Year” suggest the influence of Berlin’s urban dub history, “Manchild” is centered around the inspired saxophone playing of Elliott Levin. A veteran of Cecil Taylor’s big band, Levin is among Philadelphia’s most free spirited jazz musicians, having played with members of the Sun Ra Arkestra and in various improv and experimental settings.

This process of retro-fitting a track onto an improvised performance, (done on several pieces here) is indicative of the changeover from recording in real time onto analog tape, as with Andrew Pekler’s previous Sad Rockets records, to the programming of tracks and hard disk recording, (and the range of possibilities this brings with it) on this album. Similar to the music of Burnt Friedman, the tracks here break up the repetitiveness of their grooves with tiny details and variations. The somewhat static norms of loop based music are relaxed through the use of “imprecise,” (but not random) accents. The music does in fact travel from station to station, but along the way takes detours,
shortcuts and a few surprising turns....

CD: Vinyl: Title:

1. a1 You Are Here
2. a2 Tubular Hells Bells
3. a3 Station To Station
4. a4 Summer In The City (Winter Version)
5. b1 Manchild
6. b2 Steam
7. - Station To Station Blues
8. b3 First Snow, Last Year

Matador co-president writes book;
publishing industry takes a deep breath.
For years people have been asking Matador’s Gerard Cosloy why he hasn’t written a book about his many years at the epicentre of underground rock. Cosloy was there when Agnostic Front played one of their first shows. OK, he couldn’t actually get in, but he could get the gist of it from the Ritz lobby. He also once had coffee with a girl whose mom slept with someone from The Fluid. With antedoctes like these, Gerard has authored the 500+ page, “Your Band Could Offend My Wife,” an inspirational blast-from-the-past recounting the many occasions in which bands, Matador artists and otherwise, have offended his wife. As-told-to famed rock critic Daniel Acquilante, “Your Band Could Offend My Wife” should be available from Amazon or Insound or K-Mart any day now.

What the stars and their handlers have been listening to:

Patrick Amory’s Listening Pile
Lee Dorsey — Ya-Ya (Sphere Sound LP)
Mission of Burma — vs. (Ace of Hearts LP)
Lou Reed — American Poet (Get Back dbl LP)
Lou Reed — Coney Island Baby (RCA LP)
Harry Nilsson — Aerial Ballet (RCA LP)
Joan Manuel Serrat — Mediterraneo (Novola LP)
Inez & Charlie Foxx — Inez & Charlie Foxx
Don Everly — Don Everly (Ode LP)
Thomas Yates — Second City Spiritual (CBS LP)
Baby Huey — The Baby Huey Story:
The Living Legend (Curtom LP)
Schubert — Death and the Maiden
(Hungarian String Quartet) (Vox LP)
Bach — Brandenburg Concerti
(Collegium Aureum) (Ex Libris dbl LP)

Todd Netter, Matador Records
Five new things I tried for the new year.

1. Went to the Central Park Zoo. Just think Polar Bears that live on 5th Avenue. "Moving on up to the east side. I guess they finally got a piece of the pie."

2. Read Nick Zedd’s "Totem of the Depraved." Name drops Jon Spencer and Richard Hell.

3. Saw MONTY LOVE live at the Mercury Lounge. I’ll pay them the highest compliment I can: Their music really is the soundtrack to backyard wrestling.

4. Remembered to lock off the elevator. Who am I kidding, I don’t even have keys. S L A C K E R S

5. I tried living an interesting life. I really have tried but as you can tell from the previous 4 entries I haven’t been very successful.

Worst Valentines Day: Got kicked off my college radio station and nearly arrested by the campus police, for calling the police station and asking the dispatcher to be my Valentine. When she said no I asked if I could order a pizza? Happy Valentines Day to all.

The Bug (Techno Animal)
01-El-P - ‘Stepfather Factory’ (Definitive Jux)
02-RHYTHM & SOUND - ‘Rhythm & Sound’ (Rhythm & Sound)
03-DIGITAL - ‘Dubzilla’ (Function/Timeless)
04-THE BUG V THE ROOTSMAN FT.HE MAN - ‘Killer’ (Razor X)
05-WARD 21 - ‘Mentally Disturbed’ (Greensleeves)
06-SIZZLA - ‘Arm & Dangerous’ (Beatruut)
07-TECHNICAL ITCH - ‘Immortal Soul’ (Tech Itch)
08-VINCENT GALLO - ‘When’ (Warp)
09-AESOP ROCK - ‘Daylight’ (Definitive Jux)
10-DJ/RUPTURE - ‘Gold Teeth Thief’ (Negrophonic)
11-KHANATE - ‘Khanate’ (Southern Lord)
12-MICHAEL GIRA - ‘The Somniloquist’ (Young God)
13-VARIOUS ARTISTS - ‘Colapsus’ (Sound Ink)
14-SOFA SURFERS - ‘Encounters’ (Klein)
15-NEW FLESH - ‘Stick ’n’ Move’ (Big Dada)

Bass Concussion c/o Dillinja & Lemon D’s Valve sound system
Bass Worship c/o Abashanti-i’s Sunday night sessions
Bass Research c/o Techno Animal’s forthcoming Headwreck Sound System
Bass Pressure c/o JK Flesh’s D&B alter ego Tech Level 2
Bass Abrasion c/o the Razor X label initiated by The Rootsman and myself

Tooth collapse and prolonged root canal treatment potentially linked to the positives !!!??

Miwa Okumura, Matador Records
My current listening pile:
- Radio 4 “Gotham!”
- Radioactive Man (Keith Tenniswood) on Geist
- Buffalo Daughter “I” on Emperor Norton
- Endless Boogie 6 song demo cd

Jesper Eklow, Matador Records
1. Thor’s Hammer - From Keflavik with Love CD
2. Chris Thompson - Chris Thompson CD
3. Russell Morris - The Real Thing 7"
4. Oberon - Midsummer Night’s Dream CD
5. Billy Nichols - Snapshots CD
6. Dead Meadow - Dead Meadow LP
7. Pink Fairies - What A Bunch of Sweeties LP
8. Human Instict - Stoned Guitar LP

Marko, Matador Records
the “new releases” listening pile:
the birds, “the collector’s guide to rare british birds,” deram
dead moon, s/t, planaria
the d4, “6twenty,” flying nun
x, “aspirations,” rocknroll blitzkrieg
jerry mccain, “turn your damper down,” black & allright
spoon, “a series of sneaks,” 12xu
v/v, “jerk! shake! and vibrate!,” soul city
v/v, “the git down,” soul city
the mighty hannibal, “hannibalism!,” norton

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records
The Bug Vs. The Rootsman - Killer / Version 7" (Razor X)
David Grubbs - Act Five, Scene One (Blue Chopsticks)
The Rip-Off Artist - Pump (Mille Plateaux)
Joshua - Gold Cosmos (Feather’s One Nest)
The Notwist - Neon Golden (City Slang)



1998 J F M A M J J A S O N D
1999 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2000 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2001 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2002 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2003 J F M A M J J A S O N D