March 28, 2002

Mary Timony Is Real
‘The Golden Dove’ preview live at Joe’s Pub, NYC

Mary Timony will be performing material from her stunning new album ‘The Golden Dove’ at Joe’s Pub, 475 Lafayette St. NYC (Astor Place, 6 train) on Thursday, April 11. Showtime is 7:30pm. Tickets are $12 (212-539-8777)

This event is open to the public (ie. you) and we strongly encourage all smart persons to check out Mary’s new songs. We think this album is her finest moment to date, be it solo, Helium, Green IV, Autoclave, you name it. But we’re supposed to say that — we wanna know what you think.

A Brett Vapnek directed video for one of the Golden Dove tracks will be completed soon, and look for a full North American tour by Mary this spring and summer.

Win Belle & Sebastian Tickets
Also, enter to win a pair of Belle and Sebastian tickets — the contest is on site now — for one of the 12 US & Canada shows.



March 26, 2002

Guided By Voices signs to Matador —
Didn’t we already run this story in 1995?

Guided By Voices have announced that the group’s next album ‘Universal Truths And Cycles’ will be released on Matador Records, worldwide, on June 18.

The album, recorded November through January at Cro-Magnon Studio (Dayton,OH) and Waterloo Studio (Kent, OH), features 19 songs (clocking in at 46 minutes).

A preview track, “Everywhere With Helicopter” is currently available on the Noisepop Festival benefit compilation ‘Ten Years of Noise Pop’ on Amazing Grease Records.

Guided By Voices rang in New Years 2002 at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, co-headlining with the Strokes in a event that could’ve been billed “Soul Returns To Harlem,” had the posters shown up in time. The band’s 2001 album ‘Isolation Drills’ made the year end top 10 list of numerous journalists, respected and otherwise. and was picked by CDNOW as #1 ‘best record you didn’t hear in 2001.’ Which doesn’t really make sense as we heard it, you heard it, and CDNow heard it (this category should be resevered for very very quiet recordings).

Earlier in 2001, GBV singer/leader/songwriter Robert Pollard (a former Ohio school teacher who began his rock career in his late 30’s) turned down a lifetime achievement award from the Dayton Music Hall of Fame, stating that “the award was premature as he hasn’t peaked yet and his best work was yet to come.”

Pollard released three GBV albums and two solo albums on Matador between 1995-98, before parting in 1999 for TVT Records.

States Pollard: “TVT gave us great enthusiasm and support, and the opportunity to make albums with producers Rob Schnapf and Ric Ocasek, and it was an immeasurable experience. TVT was also kind enough to keep the door open for us this past month when we spoke with other labels.”

“It’s great to be reunited with our good friends at Matador, fellow rock geeks with the same basic philosophy on record artistry. We are very happy getting back to autonomously making records ourselves and have the ball back in our court,” says Pollard.

“We’re looking forward to getting the record out worldwide on June 18.” The band hasn’t had a simultaneous worldwide release in all the territories since GBV’s UK label Creation shut down in 2000, shortly following the band’s ‘Do The Collapse’ album.

Said a Matador spokesperson “our excitement about this new deal is only slightly dampened by Bob calling us ‘geeks.’”

The big story with ‘Universal Truths And Cycles’ is that it melds old and new GBV approaches to spectacular effect. The album combines the spontaneous feel of early GBV classics with lessons learned in the big studios with Ocasek and Schnapf. The album includes both lo-fi and ‘mid-fi’ tracks recorded by the band and by Pollard with an acoustic guitar, as well as full-blown ‘big rock’ recorded in a 24-track studio, including complex and creative arrangements with the string quartet Invert. Most importantly, ‘Universal Truths And Cycles,’ the group’s 13th record, is GBV’s catchiest album yet.



March 21, 2002

JSBX — She Said
(not the Cramps, Beatles or Scratch Acid song)
“She Said” is the first video from the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion’s new album, ‘Plastic Fang,’ and following filming in Toronto last week, the clip is nearly ready for public consumption on the Matador site and other lucky outlets. Classic videos are nothing new for the Blues Explosion but this might be their best to date. Check the tour dates section for upcoming ‘Plastic Fang’ shows. Excerpts from a video interview with the band, conducted prior to their gig at LA’s El Rey Theatre on March 11, will be available on this site shortly.

Arab Strap
Malcolm Middleton is planning to release his solo album around the same time as Aidan’s Lucky Pierre album. Together they will play an acoustic show at the Tryptych Festival in Glasgow, Edinburgh, and Aberdeen on April 26-28 where rumour has it each attendee will receive a complimentary newly recorded acoustic mini-album. This is the kind of rumour we like to spread, much nicer than stories about Russell Crowe beating people up.

Belle and Sebastian
The group will commence their 12-show tour by performing on Late Night with Conan O’Brien on April 26. For those keeping count, that’s 22 international flights for both band and crew. If you didn’t get a chance to buy B&S tickets before they sold out, we are putting together a contest where you can win a pair of tickets to one of the shows (excluding Coachella). This is going to take a little creative effort (no heavy lifting, however) the contest will launch the last week of March so check back with us then.

The new album ‘Point’ is receiving much worldwide attention. A second MP3 and an interactive video version of the song “Tone Twilight Zone” (compliments of Cornelius) will soon be available on the site.

The hardest working solo artist on earth (with apologies to Neil Diamond) is finishing up his CD-EP release that will combine both “Roll Out” and “Vitamin D" 12s plus extra tracks. D-Stroy is also on the road as host and MC the upcoming X-Ecutioners Adrenaline Rush Tour along with special guests The Coup (Go to the tour page for dates). Sometime in between all this, D-Stroy will be hosting a 3-month series of DJ symposiums in lower Manhattan. Celebrity DJ Speakers include: Jam Master Jay (Run DMC), Kuttin Kandi, Roli Rho (5th Platoon), Green Lantern (KMEL), Mista Sinista (X-Ecutioners), Evil Dee (Beatminers).

More information is available at

D also contributed vocals to the track “Like This Anna” on the new J-Live record out now on Coup d’Etat.

Arsonists — Jise One clears the air
What up Arsonists fans? It’s been awhile since getting some kind of update on the Matador website. It’s not that we’ve been neglecting our duties as a Matador based band, it’s just been a lot of hard work going into new songs and ventures. We’re not sure when the next album is due, but we assure that we will work our hardest to get it out there. As far as rumours of any sorts regarding the relationship between Matador and The Arsonists? I’ve heard some crazy ones, but regardless of our relationship, good, bad, fair or none, IT’S MUSIC! Sit back and enjoy what we’re here for, which is not scandalous rumours of beef that aren’t really there. We are working towards blessing ya’ll with an improved sound every time we hit y’all. So just listen. And there isn’t any beef between any old Arsonists members, We wish everyone that has contributed to the Arsonists the best of success for the simple fact that it’s a reflection of what we started out of the neighborhood and no fallouts can changed what we’ve created as a foundation. PEACE Y’A’LL............. Jise/ARSONISTS

I’d just like to say that we have nothing but love and respect for the Arsonists and we’re not aware of any rumours Jise is alluding to. We have heard rumours about Russell Crowe beating up some tv producer, but you can’t believe everything you read online.

Mr. Len
Mr. Len just completed a series of dates with Mr. Complex and El Fudge on the west coast and lower regions, including a couple of appearances at South By Southwest in Austin, TX. Look out for the “Taco Day” video, coming soon.

Lesser — A field report from J (who was probably indoors when he wrote it)
Just back from the Pacific Northwest, shows in Portland and Seattle. Everything was great... Met real nice folks in both places and hope to get back up in the area real soon. I suggest giving Mike and Danielle Deluxe a ring and ask if you can stay at their place while yr in Seattle, its a great house. But I am still getting over my breakfast in Portland, I ain’t shoulda been eating so much.

The show in SF was really impressive, for me. Pretty packed for a Tuesday, due mostly to cLOUDDEAD I should think, but Nevertheless. Is yelling ‘PUSSIES!’ at the crowd too much? Will I Never learn?

Right now I’m trying to put 2 new sets together for SXSW where I am playing 3 shows and a radio show... I want to have a lot of material to choose from So... The Show at AMODA (Austin Museum of Digital Art) on the 12th is going To have sort of interactive video stuff. Well, I’ll be mixing elements of the video... As well as other funny stuff... I think everyone will come away happy from that show.

Also coming up.. A show in SF with People Like Us and Wobbly, as well as a possible opening slot for Jamie Lidell. Check at: for the most updated list of shows.

For all those that care, you can sign up for weekly blasts of bullshit and updates from Lesser at - A newsletter?... How quaint.

News from The Wisdom Of Harry — Pete Astor Writes
Oil painters wearing smocks & carrying palettes are currently labouring at ancient canvasses for a mythic-symbolic-figurative work for the cover of the new Wisdom Of Harry LP. Mics are also being placed in rooms & tapes being made of musical moments which, luck willing, will be on the record itself. . .

Drew and Martin will be playing alongside Bjork when she headlines the Coachella festival in April. In addition, Matmos will be performing on April 19 at the prestigious Wexner Center for the Arts located on the Ohio State University campus in Columbus, OH. I know, I know, “prestigious” and “Columbus” in the same sentence. Here’s the scoop:

Weigel Hall
1866 College Road
Columbus, OH 43210.
$20 general public
$16 members

Here’s what Drew wrote for the programme:

“Drawing upon the heritage of musique concrete and contemporary sampling, sequencing and digital signal processing techniques, the San Francisco electronic duo Matmos make music which is based upon the musical possibilities of unusual sound sources, and the unusual playing possibilities of everyday instruments. Their past recordings have built baroque rhythmic collages out of the noises of plastic surgery, rat cages, balloons and whoopie cushions, latex clothing, walkie talkies and, infamously, the amplified synapse of crayfish nerve tissue. This unusual approach has brought them into collaborations with a diverse cast of musicians from indie rock/new chamber ensemble the Rachel’s to Icelandic pop phenomenon Bjork, whose Vespertine album was partially programmed by Matmos and who chose the duo as her backing band for her last world tour. In performance Matmos veer wildly between toe tapping pop structures and chaotic improvisation, frequently accompanied by their own video work. In their performance tonight Matmos will debut a new composition for electronics and live instruments commissioned by the Kronos Quartet. Having recorded the Kronos Quartet rehearsing the very first piece that Terry Riley wrote for them “Sunrise of the Planetary Dream Collector” (1981) and taking their cue from the somewhat open and player-determined structure of that piece, Matmos have taken samples from the points in the rehearsal where the performance broke down and re-stitched them together into a new piece which they perform tonight in homage to Terry Riley.”

(note from label management: the Kronos Quartet are not a side-project fronted by Venom’s vocalist. This may or may not impact your decision to attend. Thank you.)

Bardo Pond
One of live rock’s most awesome attractions is back on the road, having played at the Sonic Youth-curated All Tomorrow’s Parties festival this past weekend. Dallas residents and perhaps even those who call Forth Worth their home can catch Bardo Pond live at Good Records (617 Latimer, 214-752-4663), this Friday the 22nd at 6pm.

Graeme Downes Writes:
Well I’ve been finishing a string quartet over the summer just for something different. Hope to get it performed later in the year. Been setting some Shakespeare to music for a local drama production (in my own style whatever the hell that is) which is not the easiest thing in the world to do. Heading off to Auckland in March. Flying Nun is turning 21 years old this year and are recording an album to celebrate with a number of their bands. I’m going to collaborate with the Tall Dwarfs on a track for it seeing I’m on the label in this part of the world. Should be fun.

Yo La Tengo
This spring, Yo La Tengo will be once again performing their set of instrumental music to accompany the scientific films by French filmmaker Jean Painlevé.

As said best by our friends at the Barbican in London: “Here the exploratory post-rock trio from Hoboken, New Jersey provide a live soundtrack for the surreal short films of French director Jean Painlevé. Painlevé, the son of a French Prime Minister and a contemporary of Man Ray and Luis Buñuel, directed black and white silent features in the 1920s but also made a series of sensual and eerie undersea and scientific documentary shorts in vivid technicolor, the last being made in 1978. Expect Painlevéšs scenes of mating jellyfish and his time-lapse films of growing crystals to receive a suitably psychedelic accompaniment.”

The Sounds of Science was originally produced for the 44th San Francisco International Film Festival, Music by Yo La Tengo, Films by Jean Painlevé

This show was performed for the first time last April (2001) at the San Francisco International Film Festival. Since then it has been performed in Seattle and Portland.

To quote the band: “The music is all unique to this performance, not even versions of previously played or released material. The films are sensational. To term them documentaries, while accurate, implies a dryness and a sobriety that couldn’t be more misleading. It’s somewhat similar to Microcosmos, but with a sense of humor as well. Amazing movies. It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which we’d do this show again in any city in which we’ve done it before. It’s unlike anything we’ve ever done. I don’t think anybody who shows up high will regret it.”

The program is about 90 minutes, consisting of 8 short films:
1. Hyas and Stenorhynchus
2. Sea Urchins
3. How Some Jellyfish Are Born
4. Liquid Crystals
5. The Sea Horse
6. The Love Life of the Octopus
7. Shrimp Stories
8. Acera or the Witches’ Dance

Scheduled 2002 Performances:

April 2
The Barbican, London (England)
As part of the “Only Connect” series.

April 4
Carolina Theatre, Durham NC at 10:30pm
(opening night of Double Take Documentary Film Festival)
Tickets can be purchased for the opening night festivities including the YLT show, OR for just the YLT performance itself through the Carolina Theatre box office at 919-560-3030.

April 6
Alice Tully Hall at Lincoln Center, New York, NY
2 performances: 6:30pm and 9:00pm
Tickets at:

April 8
Somerville Theater, 55 Davis Sq., Somerville, MA
Tickets available via Ticketmaster or the theater box office at 617-625-4088

There’s also a great book about Painlevé called ‘Science Is Fiction’ that is worth looking into if the films strike your fancy.

And this relates, somewhat. YLT are doing their annual WFMU fundraiser on Saturday March 16 from 5-7pm (EST) on the air with Hova and Gaylord Fields. Once again, Ira, Georgia, James and their pal Bruce support the freeform radio cause by playing live on WFMU’s airwaves. Pledgers get to call in and put in their request for any cover song at all and the band will try to play it. WFMU is at 90.1 FM in the NYC area and the Hudson Valley, or on the net.

Stephen Malkmus
Stephen will be taking part in the same Flying Nun 21st Anniversary sessions that Graeme mentioned, alongside such luminaries as the Clean, Gerling, the D4 and Garageland. You read up on this event at SM + Jicks debuted some excellent new material at last weekend’s All Tomorrow’s Parties in Los Angeles, and we hear rumors of new recordings being planned for May. But you know how rumors are. If we believe that, we might also believe that the otherwise talented and handsome Russell Crowe enjoys punching defenceless television producers.

Khan & Kid Congo Powers
These 2 will be taking their high energy stage show on the road next month, including scads of dates with Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds. Scads, we say! Look at the tour dates for details.

The only duo more charismatic than Khan and Kid Congo would have to be Russell Crowe... standing next to a large polariod photograph of himself. Man, can that guy throw a punch!

Preston School of Industry
Forthcoming dates for your friends and relatives that live in Australia (US and Euro dates next time).

Thursday 2nd May
Corner Hotel, Melbourne with Gersey & Friendly Injun
Tickets $28 + b/f available from Corner Hotel, Gaslight, Polyester, Missing Link and credit card sales on 03 9427 9198

Friday 3rd May
Annandale Hotel, Sydney with Gersey & Rebel Astronauts
Saturday 4th May
Annandale Hotel, Sydney with Gersey & Ukiyo-e
Tickets $28 + b/f available from Red Eye and Fish Newtown,
Annadale - Bar and phone 02 9550 1078

Sunday 5th May
Zoo, Brisbane with Gersey & Giants of Science
Tickets $24 + b/f available from Butterbeats, Skinnys & Rockinghorse

Tuesday 7th May
Enigma, Adelaide with Gersey & Career Girls
Tickets $24 + b/f available from CIB ticket outlets or phone 08 8232 1484

PSOI can be heard on a new compilation celebrating the best of SF’s ongoing Noise Pop festivals, alongside GBV, Oranger and other popsters-that-bring-the-noise (so to speak). You can find it on the wonderful Amazing Grease label.

The World Of Television Placement
3/17/02: Soft Boys, "I Wanna Destroy You" and Mogwai’s "Take Me.." on "Queer As Folk." Not bad, the UK version just played Air every week.

3/20/02: Sad Rockets, "Wrong Of Fall" on "Felicity." I didn’t even know this was still on the air. What a great way to find out I was wrong.

3/24/02: Yo La Tengo "Nothing Lies..." on "Six Feet Under."

No Matador songs were used in the recent airing of ESPN’s adaptation of John Feinstein’s "A Season On The Brink."

Patrick Amory’s Listening Pile:
1. Eric Dolphy -- Live in Europe, Vol. 1 (Prestige LP)
2. Eric Dolphy -- Live in Europe, Vol. 2 (Prestige LP)
3. Joan Manuel Serrat -- Mediterraneo (Novola LP)
4. Joan Manuel Serrat -- 1978 (EMI LP)
5. Joan Manuel Serrat -- Dedicado a Antonio Machado, Poeta (Novola LP)
6. Dead Meadow -- Howls From The Hills (Tolotta LP)
7. Spirit Caravan -- Dreamwheel (Meteor City CDEP)
8. Joe Walsh -- The Smoker You Drink The Player You Get (Dunhill LP)
9. Bluestory, 1974-’75, ’79 and The New Blue 4, 1980/Cocktail d’Amour
-- Les Primitifs Du Futur, 1986 (Paris Jazz Corner Productions CD)
10. Guided By Voices -- Universal Truths and Cycles (unreleased CD)
11. Saka Acquaye and his African Ensemble from Ghana -- Voices of
Africa: High-Life and Other Popular Music (Nonesuch Explorer LP)

Jesper Eklow, from the old man corner
1. Bud Flanagan - My Crazy Life
2. Raymond Mander & Joe Mitchinson - British Music Hall
3. Maureen Owen - The Crazy Gang
4. Douglas Gilbert - American Vaudeville - Its Life and Times
5. Roger Wilmut - Kindly Leave the Stage! - The Story of Variety 1919-1960

Spike Milligan - R.I.P.





ZZ TOP - Afterburner
JIMMY BUFFET - Living and Dying in 3/4 Time
JIMMY BUFFET - Coconut Telegram
DEODATO - Deodato 2
JIMMY BUFFET - Havana Daydreamin’
CONLON NANCARROW - Player Piano Studies No. 1-50

Pete Astor, The Wisdom Of Harry
Mr Astor himself is presently enjoying the following musical products:-
What About Us? -- Brandy -- an avant-garde pop masterpiece. No, really.
Ethiopiques -- ethio jazz & musique instrumentale 1969-1974 -- in the
repressive regime of ethopia during this time,if you wanted to play musicyou had to be in the police force. . .so what we have here is some seriously twisted jazz played by crazy beatniks masquerading as coppers. . .and its really, really good
the brilliant Black Dog & their classic Spanners lp
ditto Miles Davis & the Jack Johnson lp
Bert Jansch -- Rosemary Lane -- voice, guitar, at home, genius, the only way...
Sandy Bull -- Inventions -- a very scary looking man, but one day this music would be of its time & I would say that time was around now. . .
Word-wise, Richard Hamilton. . .Hangover Square, 30 Thousand Streets Under the Sky. . .right up there with your Graham Greenes. . .currently buying and reading the lot. . .

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records
David Kilgour -- A Feather In The Engine (Merge)
Grandpaboy -- Mono (Vagrant)
The Detachment Kit -- They Raging, They Quiet (Self-Starter Foundation)
The Blue Orchids -- A Darker Bloom (Cherry Red)
Christian Kleine -- Valis (Morr Music)
Howard Hello -- Howard Hello (Temporary Residence)
Markant -- Vice Versa CD
Mark Robinson -- Canada’s Green Highways (Teenbeat)
Rocket From The Tombs -- The Day The Earth Met Rocket From The Tombs (Smog Veil)
Tom Scharpling / Jon Wurster -- "The Music Scholar" (Stereo-Laffs)
Brainbombs -- It’s A Burning Hell (Russell Crowe remix)



1998 J F M A M J J A S O N D
1999 J F M A M J J A S O N D
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