July 3, 2002

Guided By Voices - Guided By Bob
if you happen to live in the NYC area or are prepared to figure out how to get here, enter the Guided By Bob contest, sponsored by Shout magazine, to win a free tour of the Brooklyn Brewery with Bob Pollard and GBV on Tuesday, July 16th. Then share some beers with the band, take home an autographed CD, and go to the show at Irving Plaza that evening. And win a million dollars!! It's all true, except for the million dollars.

Cornelius - US tour dates confirmed
Cornelius returns to the United States with a brand-new stage show based on his new album 'Point'. An extravagant affair hitting major markets. All dates except NYC now with South. Don't miss it! Check out the Tour Update and get your tickets now -- because these shows will sell out.

The Soft Boys - Nextdoorland - first new album in eons coming in September
fresh from winter/spring 2002 recording, the reformed Soft Boys lineup of Robyn Hitchcock, Kimberley Rew, Matthew Seligman and Morris Windsor are men behind 'Nextdoorland' (OLE 553-1,2), coming September 24 on CD and limited edition LP (with bonus 7"). The band will be touring North America this coming October.

In related news,'Robyn Sings' (Editions PAF) is a new double CD collection of Bob Dylan covers, electric and acoustic, performed by Robyn Hitchcock. You can purchase yours via The Museum Of Robyn Hitchcock.

Large Professor - 1st Class, coming in October
over a year in the making, Matador is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of the long-awaited solo full-length album from Large Professor, '1st Class'. The legendary producer/MC has delivered classic tracks since the late '80's, under his own name, in collaboration with others and as the one time voice behind Main Source...but this is the first official album from one of the genre's unsung innovators. '1st Class' is out October 8 and includes guest appearances by Busta Rhymes, Nas and Q-Tip.

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - new dates this fall
we implore you to check the tour dates section for upcoming Blues Explosion dates ; the planet's finest live band are hitting the road in autumn with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and the Liars in tow. Have a peek at Mute's JSBX site to see a quicktime clip of the excellent new "Sweet N Sour" video.

Interpol - UK dates begin, US action starts in August
The New York quartet are currently on a promotion visit to London featuring a handful of club dates and an eventual July show at the Shepherds Bush Empire supporting Cornelius. We should have video footage from one of the earlier shows up on this site by the time of the next update. Interpol's full-length debut CD/LP, 'Turn On The Bright Lights' will be out on August 20.

Mary Timony - French Radio session available for download :
While Mary & band are preparing for summer dates supporting Sonic Youth, you can download exclusive MP3 performances recorded for the Planet-Claire radio program.

Preston School Of Industry - Scott Kannberg writes :
Bon Jour Y'all. We've got more breaking news for all you Preston people. The August 2nd show in CHICAGO with WILCO is now sold out. The tix were gone in 30 seconds we are told. So, if you didn't get your tix you are in luck... they've added a second show the very next night... August 3rd. Check out http://www.wilcoworld.net for ticket info. Please note that there is a Milwaukee show on July 27th as well... sorry, we forgot to list it in the earlier email. And for those who can't make it to Chicago or Milwaukee, PSOI will be playing... with ourselves, not Wilco... at the HIGH DIVE in CHAMPAIGN, ILLINOIS on Monday, July 22nd. Sorry, it's 19 and over.

July 19 - Indianapolis, The Egyptian Room
July 20 - Detroit, The Royal Oak Music Theatre
July 22 - Champaign, High Dive
July 23 - St. Louis, The Pageant Theatre
July 24 - Nashville, Uptown Mix
July 25 - Atlanta, The Tabernacle
July 26 - Cincinnati, Bogarts
July 27 - Milwaukee, The Rave
July 29 - Omaha, Sokol Theatre
July 30 - Minneapolis, Orpheum Theatre
July 31 - Madison, Orpheum Theatre
Aug 2 - Chicago, The Riviera
Aug 3 - Chicago, The Riviera

All shows except Champaign with WILCO... unless they blow off Louisville.

Hyperbole from another record label :
"What the world needs now is a new MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES album. Seriously. At a time when so much of the industry's output has become the musical equivalent of junk mail, a new BOSSTONES album is like receiving a series of postcards from a vacationing friend: handwritten, infectiously fun, wish-you-were-here inclusive, and, overall, personal."

We wholeheartedly applaud the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and their fearless stance in stark opposition to the music industry's "junk mail" tendencies. Indeed, the Bosstones' albums cannot be compared to junk mail...nor to personally handwritten postcards. The most accurate analogy we could make would be to flaming bags of dog shit left on doorsteps.

Jay Miller...
now has a mohawk. You may return to whatever you were doing.

Mark Eitzel - "On My Recent Meltdown At The Great American Music Hall"
"Matador put a call out to its artists to write something for the web site about their favorite books, music etc. I started by writing a review of a great Dictators show I saw in San Francisco - how much I respected them for how hard they rocked - without attitude or bitterness or any of that even though they didn't quite sell out the Bottom of the Hill the night I was there. I was going to write about my recent fixation with the books of James Baldwin and Mishima - and then I went on this really hard tour - and about the only good thing that came out of it was a humility that I had absolutely nothing to say about these things that didn't sound either carefully clever or frankly uninformed. Its funny when I look back on the last month. What I always come back to are the admonishments of those with clear ideas on why things work and why they do not. Its always a smoke with out fire kind of thing: "You are what you believe" is my favorite. It always makes me think of either those TV infommercials for diet and exercise.where the assumption is that you are half a person if you do not see the value of lobotomising yourself by continual self betterment. Also the phrase reminds me of "Triumph Of The Will" by Leni Riefenstahl - a film made by a queen of denial - by the poster child of the whore artist for whom the excuse to portray pretty bodies in artistic angles is justification enough for spiritual death. I just don't accept that what we will into being is enough. It seems like a narrow journey - because what you dream may be as corrupt and shallow as the infomercial/politician/god you profess to follow. This is why I try and impose no plan to the things I do. This I think is one of the (many) reasons why I am nuts. Now I have no justification for my on stage tantrum. Everything could have been just fine. A nice audience all seated - a great sound system - 2 opening acts that we're friendly and good - even a gooddamn fruit basket in the dressing room. I drove up that day from LA fresh from a day off where I had a meeting with a good person from Ryko publishing who I kind of embarrassed with my (undying) enthusiasm, where I had a great dinner with some old friends blah blah, fell asleep after watching some old films by Bruce Connor (in other words happy) Drove all day, got to the club, did a great sound check, the sound person was a great indie rock kid with big glasses and no attitude, the people in the box office were really really nice - you know I thought it would be great. Then I got on stage and my guitar didn't work and the sound man couldn't fix it I sat there strumming for ten minutes while the audiences conversation got louder and louder - me with my stupid goatee and my suit coat -It really freaked me out - Maybe because it was the final show of a month of really hard touring - Maybe it was just the overwhelming weight of 20 years of having everything screw up - the weight of peoples expectations and my managers (loving but truthful) depiction of my career as "diminishing" (It was a big fight for me to play the Music Hall because I can't sell it out anymore - though it is one of my favorite places to play.) I went through the first part of the show with my guitar through a mic and couldn't hear my self play and couldn't sing having to hold my guitar up to the mic. I threw my poor guitar around and stormed off. I came back on to watch half the crowd leaving and continued using another guitar but was distracted by the sound man constantly turning my vocal level up and down (he was probably getting complaints - and halfway through the last song he just turned it off all together.) I left the stage, packed up and left the club - someone called and asked what to do with my paycheck - I said give it to the sound man. I also left him my microphone (a mistake but I am too ashamed to call the club for it). I should be walking around with a "Thank You" sign on my forehead. I am such a fucking lucky man. All these smart cool people like my music and I give them a fucking tantrum. I did this horrible show in Chapel Hill and some guy walks up to me and hands me a pile of about 20 new cd's. I feel bad because I know I don't deserve them - Can I pay them back with a bullshit performance like the one I gave? It just tears at my heart. I am writing this because I want to explain - or at least apologize to everyone who has seen me give a show like this - I am really trying to work on it - but maybe I have burned a lot of bridges. Trouble is that I don't like music that is sanitized by professionalism - I don't like musicians that make a "nice" music. I don't like things that are "pretty". They torture me. I prefer to see people who make music that reflects their life - but I know that is no justification for standing on stage like a spoiled child. People always think that I judge myself too harshly - but maybe they are people that never had to question the fundamental things in their life. I judge myself because I know when things are perfect and when they are not. At least I try to or have in the past. I see how far people get in the business just because they only reflect on their own limitations - and they jump on the treadmill and have a career and live up to everyone's expectations. I write music to keep off the treadmill - to change my own circumstance and to be a catalyst for others. Whatever. Maybe I know too many 3 syllable words. Maybe I shouldn't write this (with the presumption that anyone cares) but it seems like I owe at least the time it takes to write to anyone who ever liked my music." - Mark

Movies I haven't seen - by Gerard Cosloy
How hard can it be to critique movies you've actually watched? I don't intend to find out! The real test of the critical mind is to summarize films you haven't seen and have no intention of going to.

"The Sum Of All Fears" - the last time Morgan Freeman faced mass destruction on screen (some asteroid movie, didn't see it) he was the President. This time, he's the head man at the CIA. What's with the demotion?

"The Bourne Identity" - all of the billboards added the tagline, "Matt Damon Is Jason Bourne". That makes a huge difference. Now I'm supposed to pay $10 to find out who Jason Bourne is? (presumably not Matt Damon after a month with a personal trainer, that wouldn't be worth $10)

"Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood" - I saw "How Stella Got Her Groove Back" on a flight a few years ago, so I think that excuses me from this entire genre. OK, perhaps that was simplistic. But I won't go to a box office and ask for this one by name.

"Scooby Doo" - according to Entertainment Weekly, that's not a real dog. Now that they've killed the surprise, I'm not going. On the bright side, perhaps this movie's box office success will result in Matthew Lilliard being hit with a lawsuit or 2 for crimes against humanity. Or to paraphrase Detention and their wonderful song "Dead Rock & Rollers" I never liked Anthony Michael Hall, but I never wanted him to choke on his own puke.

"Minority Report"- Tom Cruise as a space-age cop in a "chilling vision of the future" thing wouldn't necessarily bum me out, but the movie's title keeps reminding me of Black Flag's "White Minority";. Great song, not in the soundtrack by the way, so I might as well stay home.

"Mr. Deeds"- if you don't have at least 5 friends, relatives, co-workers or enemies funnier than Adam Sandler, you need to meet some new people. Granted, Sandler having a laugh at the expense of various stuffed-shirt types-- let me guess, he uses the wrong fork, hits a tennis ball over a fence, mispronounces words, wins over the stiffs with his loveableness --- should re-write the comedy rule book.

"Juwanna Mann" - No way is this as good as the title! It just isn't possible.

"Like Mike" - much cooler if they made a movie in which Lil' Bow Wow borrows Christian Laetner's shoes, thus giving him the superpowers to make the entire world hate him. And see through walls. > "Air Bud- Seventh Inning Fetch"; - deserves consideration if only because they used a actual dog, unlike that "Scooby-Doo" fraud. But as I haven't seen the previous 6 installments of this dog-excels-at-sports series, I am afraid I wouldn't be up to speed on the plot, the character histories, etc. ?



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