October 15, 2002

Large Professor instores and more :
The wait is finally over as Large Professor's long promised solo full length debut, '1st Class', is finally available on CD and double vinyl. Our friend Miles Dunbar at 'Sleaze Nation' says "the timing is perfect for his overdue solo project" and we obviously agree or we'd be quoting someone else. Following a festival appearance in Holland last weekend, Large Pro is back on US soil and will be hitting the following retailers for instore performances this week and next :

Thursday, October 17th at 5PM
Fat Beats
406 6th Ave., 2nd Floor, NYC
Saturday, October 26th at 7PM
The Cop Shop
77 West Main Street
Smithtown, NY 11787 (long island).

November 8 will see the Large Professor's live debut in the UK when he headlines XFM's All City Night at 93 Feet East (Brick Lane, London).İ

The Soft Boys - 'Nextdoorland' US tour about to start / WFMU webcast
For once our snappy advertising slogans don't work --- 'Nextdoorland' is no longer "closer then [sic Robyn] you think", it is genuinely right here, right now and available on CD and 150 gram LP. The latter version comes with a bonus 7" featuring live versions of "Only The Stones Remain" and "Underwater Moonlight", recorded in LA during the Soft Boys' 2001 tour.

though the new US tour is about to start, we are aware that some of you suffer from that "I-can't-go-out-of-the-house" disease (or in my case, I've lost the keys again). Since we're always catering to shut-ins, misanthropes and agoraphobes, the Soft Boys will be playing live on WFMU, Tuesday, October 29 between 3 and 6pm (EST) on Brian Turner's program.

Soft Boys guitarist Kimberley Rew has a new solo album, 'Grand Central Revisited'. available from Bongo Beat. Kimberley will be making a rare solo appearance supporting Matador alumni Spoon at London's Spitz on 29 November.

Pavement - 'Slanted' reish & 'Slow Century' double DVD to usher in new era of early '90's nostalgia
Or maybe not. Cause it isn't about nostalgia. While both of these lavishly packaged, lovingly produced artifacts --- available later this month --- might succeed in transporting you to another time and place, this observer thinks they stand up pretty damn well to anything on offer in 2002. 'S&E' version 2.0 isn't just a treasure trove of Pavement reminisces and mysteriously stained setlists ; the bonus disc of live recordings and radio sessions is worth the price of admission all by itself (though in retrospect, it might've been a bit ambitious to charge the neighbors admission to come into my living room to hear an advance copy). Likewise, 'Slow Century' is no mere 'greatest video hits' collection ; the multi-camera angle live footage and accompanying docu-drama from Lance Bangs are so substantial you might excuse us if we decided to delay the DVD's release by another 2 months.

But we'll do no such thing. That's how much we care about you, about Pavement's musical legacy, and about making this holiday season extra special for everyone without coffee tables.

Cat Power - silence, please.
We're not going to make any announcements about the new Cat Power album until there is complete silence in the auditorium.

We can wait all day if that's what you want.

Chan Marshall's new album is called 'You Are Free' and it will be released in February 2003 on CD and LP. Much as we'd love to divulge full details about where and how it was made, you've proved yourself to be such an unruly mob, perhaps it is better to wait until things have calmed down a bit.

The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion - new UK single
If you were a savvy enough customer to catch the Blues Explosion on their recent US tour, give yourself a round of applause. If that seems a little self-serving, maybe a stern look of acknowledgement in the mirror will be sufficient. If you're not the type for sucking up to yourself, that's terrific but there are a lot of people with low self-esteem reading these messages and we've got to worry about them, too.

"Shaking Rock'n'Roll Tonight" from 'Plastic Fang' is out on Mute CD and 7" this October 28, backed with exclusive mixes by Techno Animal and Barry Adamson, plus live video clips from the band's 2002 London shows at Brixton Academy and the very crowded 100 Club.

Aereogramme - Craig B reports.
Aereogramme news -- Hello. We have just finished recordingİour new album and are trying to persuade all labels involved to allow the cover to beİsimilar to Prince's "lovesexy", except with more hairy bits, so we will keep you up to date on that. We still have not decided on a name but "skag funky", "In gratitude" , "sleep and release" , "fear of a ginger planet" and "liver and lungs" are all possibilities. Things will be quiet for us over christmas but we will be on tour early on in 2003 to support the release ofİthe second album so im sure we will pass your way eventually.

We have been mostly listening to our own bloody album over and over and over but apart from that -- Queens of the stone age / Converge / Oh My God ! / David Bowie / Breach / Isisİandİtalking about how incredible a program OZ (HBO) is. We dont get out much......


Neko Case - newly licensed to Matador in Europe.

Matador has licensed the 3rd album from vocalist neko case, 'Blacklisted', coming out in late October. this stunning recording is licensed from our friends at mint records of vancouver, british columbia, who have helped provide us with the following biography :

The enigmatic Neko Case returns with Blacklisted, the follow-up to 2000's critically acclaimed Furnace Room Lullaby. On this, her third album, Case gracefully adds to her repertoire, taking on the roles of songwriter and musician, in addition to vocalist, with an intuitive ease. The haunting, lush layers of Blacklisted serve as a showcase for Neko's formidable vocal strengths and her talent for creating this intensely intimate work.

Neko Case was born in Alexandria, Virginia and grew up all over North America, spending enough time in Tacoma, Washington to consider it her hometown.

When she was 18 and already on her own, (she left home at 15), she began playing drums in a several punk rock bands including Cub but not until she joined Vancouver trio Maow in 1994 did she start singing in addition to playing drums. While living in Vancouver she attended the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design, and in 1998, she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree; with that, her student visa ran out, so sadly she had to leave Maow and Canada. Before leaving Canada as a resident, however, Neko received six award nominations, two from the British Columbia Country Music Association and four from the Georgia Straight.

In 1997, Case recorded her solo debut, The Virginian, a traditional country album that revealed The Voice-- rough around the edges but possessing a vulnerable strength and range that has caused critics and her growing legion of loyal fans to swoon ever since. Her second album, Furnace Room Lullaby, was released in 2000 and garnered countless accolades in publications like The New York Times, GQ, Esquire, Interview, People, and Time.

Since then, Case has been hard at work, touring non-stop on her own and opening for folks like Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. But Case is not simply a solo artist; she delves into any opportunity to work with other musicians. Among her other projects is the beautiful old-time country she sings with Carolyn Mark as the Corn Sisters. She also records and performs as one of The New Pornographers, who released an album of rollicking guitar pop at the end of 2000 to their own fair share of glowing press and a Juno Award for Best Alternative Album.

Between all of her tours and projects (and a move to Chicago), Case made time to go back into the studio at the end of 2001. She recorded and co-produced Blacklisted in Tucson, Arizona at Wavelab Studio with producers Darryl Neudorf and Craig Schumacher who were both open to Case's desire to be "really adventurous and always ready to try something new."

Once again, Case cast a wide net among her talented friends for musicians to play on her new album. Joining her are longtime Neko collaborators Jon Rauhouse and Tom V. Ray, and Dallas Good (The Sadies). She also asked Joey Burns and John Convertino (Calexico), Howe Gelb (Giant Sand), Brian Connelly (Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet, Atomic 7), Kelly Hogan, and Mary Margaret O'Hara to lend their talents and exuberantly describes the recording process as "the best time in the studio ever."

Unlike her previous releases, Case wrote most of the songs and played a wide variety of the instruments on Blacklisted including regular guitars and tenor guitars, piano, saw and even drums. The album reflects this lost, almost homesick, feeling --- each song aches with vivid images to stunning results.

After Blacklisted's highly anticipated release, Case plans to spend the rest of 2002 touring in support of the album. Expect to see Canadian dates in the fall. She will also be starting work on the second New Pornographers record, honing her guitar skills and working on some half-completed art projects. And maybe cleaning up her apartment.

Neko is currently in Europe on a promotional visit ; live dates are planned for January 2003.

Please note that 'Blacklisted' is currently available in the US via Bloodshot Records and in Canada from Mint.

Mary Timony - Mary keeps it brief this time
1) my web page is up finally... http://www.marytimony.com
2) im playing by my self at the middle east in cambridge on oct 28...
3) hoping to do europe tour in early 2003

Bardo Pond - Michael Gibbons writes.
michael from bardo here.
we're getting psyched up for the terrastock show next week. been practicing up our new material that we have been working on for our next album and our set should include a heavy dosage of new stuff. can't wait to see all the great bands we'll be playing with there... speaking of great bands. we have just finished recording a Pavement cover that'll be included in a pavement tribute compilation coming out soon on the label homesleep.

we covered "home" from the drag city ep "perfect sound forever" and really had a great time. we'll be playing that as well at the terrastock.

at terrastock we will have our split 12 inch with subarachnoid space that has just ben released by the camera obscura label.the split is called tigris and euphrates and our tune is called euphrates. it's kind of a cousin to ganges from dilate.
it's about 18 minutes long.

we'll be bringing also to terrastock the fourth in our tour/website only series of releases- vol 4. it will soon be available thru our website hummingbird mountain --

well that's about it for now....

thanks for tuning in,
michael and bardo

Lesser - J's been promising his new album for so long now he must really mean it this time.
i'm REALLY am going to be done with the material for my album in the next week or 2 on the outside... other than that...nothing exciting... at all..
Except that I bought a cockatiel and he is nice.
Listening to :
5 or 6 cds of bird calls.

Solex : Elisabeth checks in.
een --
We did a Peel Session that will be broadcasted on October 17th, and can be listened to online at http://www.BBC.co.uk/radio1/alt

We recorded 5 brand new songs and a Pavementique-cover. Everybody wants one... (editor's note : Solex's version of "Shady Lane" is as brilliant a deconstruction of the original as her reading of "The Cutter" was. Wish we were pressing it up right now!)

twee --
Right after the session we went to good old Mother Russia for two shows in Moscow and Saint Petersburg. If you want to know how an ordinary cop can make 500 bucks a night, read the diary at http://www.solex.net.

drie --
In November I'll do three more shows with the Maarten Altena Ensemble...the modern classical versions of Solex songs.

bye E Eitzelink

Arab Strap solo-isms
Malcom Middleton has a brand new solo CD/LP (http://www.chemikal.co.uk) , '5:14 fluxyotine seagull alcohol john nicotine', 12 acoustic tracks featuring contributions from Eva's Jenny Reeve, Barry Burns (Mogwai) and Aidan Moffet. Aidan's got a new solo album of his own, 'Hypnogogia' available from the Melodic label (http://www.melodic.co.uk). Following Australian dates in October, Arab Strap will start work on their 5th album at year's end.

Mark Eitzel : Mark wrote this himself. No foolin'.
I have grown a full beard - and am going for a full transformation into an Uncle Fester/ Rasputin type. Everyone is quite startled by my new look. I also recently found an American flag ski cap backstage in a dressing room. Needless to say no one is cooler than myself.

I spent 1200 bucks on a Matador demo then rewrote the songs. They are now much better. Really they are.

The first night on tour with Low went well. I have a quite jazz influenced band with bass drums and vibes tentatively titled 'Organ Players From The Florida Keys'. We received an encore. Tonight we are going to fill the stage with balloons. People will go apeshit.

Am going on tour in South America with 4 other songwriters in February - including Kurt from Lambchop. The tour is called uhm 'Solitudes' (I think) and is curated by John McIntyre (of Tortoise)

Howie B has expressed interest in working with me during my next trip to the UK. I am not sure if that means producing a track or a whole album. Actually what he said was 'Lets make some noise'.

I have decided to move to Chicago. I like the weather and the people here are really wonderful.

Mark Eitzel

Yo La Tengo - (writing sales notes for "nuclear) war" is hell
as mentioned briefly last time, the new Yo La Tengo 12"/CD single (coming in November) consists of 4 different versions of Sun Ra's "Nuclear War" : one features many young children (you're never too young to learn profanity), another featuring guest contributions from Susie Ibarra, Josh Madell (Antietam), Roy Campbell Jr., Daniel Carter and Sabir Mateen. there's also a remix by Mike Ladd.

Yo La Tengo are currently in Nashville, TN working on their new album, schedule for release during the first half of 2003. In the meantime, you can entertain and enlighten yourself by visting the mind-wrenching Q&A section at Yo La Tengo's official site. There's no such thing as an innocent question.

The Usual Listening Piles and Commentary

Ben Goldberg, Matador Records
Woven Hand - S/T (Glitterhouse) - Lead guy from 16 Horsepower does a dark, Souled American-style record, which is far beyond anything his regular band does.

Sonya Hunter - Sun In Mind (Innerstate) - Singer/songwriter from San Francisco who has a little bit of the Barbara Manning magic in her.

25 Suaves - 1938 (Bulb) - Mr. Velocity Hopkins and friend play somewhat straightforward loud rock, which is an unexpected surprise for a Bulb release.

Coldplay - Rush Of Blood To The Head (Capitol) The fact that it's maybe only a little better than okay doesn't matter in the light of how I'd rather see their faces and music everywhere than anything else mainstream popular. And, hell, maybe it's even better than a little better than okay.

Incredible String Band - S/T & Liquid Acrobat As Regards The Air (Sepia Tone) - As Dave here pointed out, these are the "21st Century Remastered" editions. Fuck that weak 20th century remastering crap.

Oh-Ok - The Complete Recordings (Collector's Choice) - Early eighties Atlanta band featuring Michael Stipe's sister and one of the women who went on to form Magnapop. At their best, they sound like Girls At Our Best, and for me, that's best.

Frog Hands - The Bloody Hand (Global Symphonic) - I love the sheets-of-melodic-guitar-noise sound, which Frog Hands pulls off quite successfully. They perhaps sound like David Bowie fronting Rock*A*Teens at their most off-kilter moments.

The Ring - Amazing horror film. Naomi Watts proves yet again she's an incredible actress. DON'T ruin it by finding out the story before seeing it, however

Dave Martin, Matador Records
1. V/A 20 Years of Dischord box
2. Main -- all
3. Thomas Brinkman Row
4. Royal Trux Hand Of Glory
5. Kustomized At The Vanishing Point
6. The Twinkeyz Cartoon Land
7. Ramones new reissues
8. Mudhoney Sonic Infusion 7"
9. Wire Read & Burn 01

Mac McCaughn, Superchunk
1 Mr Show 1st two seasons on DVD everyone now: "elevator! elevator! thank you"
2 Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band "the rising" CD and live (attendance should be required for those who think The Hives are a "great live band")
3 Trojan Records "Friends of Bob Marley" box set
4 Spoon "kill the moonlight"
5 Sleater Kinney "one beat" CD
6 Fast Runner - epic film tracing the history of an Inuit family cursed by evil spirits; sure there are lots of other movies like that, but this is shot in gorgeous DV and features more male nudity than you can shake a frozen seal at.
7 Ken Vandermark / Paul Lytton / Paul Lovens trio live
8 Baobab Orchestra "Pirate's Choice" CD - swashbuckling!
9 Go Betweens - new reissues with extra discs; but why didn't they do this the freaking FIRST time they reissued these classics?
10 Double Fold by Nicholson Baker

Patrick Amory, Matador Records
1. Queens Of The Stone Age - Songs For The Deaf CD+DVD (Interscope)
2. Various Artists - 20 Years of Dischord box set (Dischord)
3. Spirit Caravan - Elusive Truth LP (Tolotta)
4. Dead Meadow - Best Of Dead Meadow and Howls From The Hills CDR (Jesper Eklow)
5. Leo Kottke - Mudlark LP (Capitol)
6. Mozart - Bassoon Concerto/Thomas Beecham & RPO LP (EMI)
7. The Who - Quadrophenia dbl LP (Track/MCA)
8. Thelonious Monk - It's Monk's Time mono LP (Columbia)
9. That new Wire CD sounds pretty good...
10. "Zoot suit, white jacket with side vents/5 inches long" <-- I need one

Jesper Eklow, Matador
the bonzo dog band - loose caboose lp
hara ghash - vandreudstillning lp
v/a - "yes sir that's my baby - the golden years of tin pan alley" lp
modds "leave my house" from v/a "teenage shutdown: i'm gonna stay - target fuzz" cd
dave bartholomew "the monkey" 78
shostakovich - string quartets 13 & 14 lp
bobo jenkins - the life of bobo jenkins cd
v/a "detroit blues rarities 3 - blues screamers and gospel moaners" cd
mike rep and the quotas - "mama was a schitzo, daddy was a vegetable man" 45

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records
Seachange - Superfuck 7" (Radiate)
Wire - Read & Burn 02 (Pink Flag)
Destroyer - This Night (Merge)
Pluramon - Noise Academy (CDR)
Richard Buckner - "Loaded At The Wrong Door" (Overcoat)
Sue Garner - Shadyside (Thrill Jockey)
Shut Out : A Story Of Race & Baseball In Boston - Howard Bryant
Brainbombs - Cheap EP (Load)
Jeb Bishop & Sebi Tramontana - Chicago Defenders (Wobbly Rail)
Black Dice - Beaches & Canyons (DFA)
DJ Rupture - Minesweeper Suite (Tigerbeat 6)
Glenn Kotche - Introducing (Locust/Quakebasket)



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