August 6th, 2003

Pretty Girls Make Graves :
Currently embroiled in a European tour with The Blood Brothers, Pretty Girls Make Graves have the following instore gigs scheduled in the U.S. :

Tuesday, September 9th at 7PM
Sonic Boom Ballard
2209 NW Market Street * Seattle
206 297 2666

Thursday, September 11th at 6PM
Amoeba SF
1855 Haight Street * San Francisco
415 831 1200

Preceeding the September release of 'The New Romance', a 7"/CD single of "This Is Our Emergency" is coming out on Matador Europe on August 11. The band's most recently confirmed Fall US dates are listed in our tour section.

The New Pornographers :
There are a pile of new tour dates on behalf of 'The Electric Version' listed in the appropriate section --- if you don't wanna be caught standing outside like Steve Morse walking his dog, buy your tickets now. The US reissue of 'Mass Romantic' is coming from Matador this autumn --- does fully remastered mean you should buy it again? If you want to stay on our good side, the answer is yes. And don't forget it will be at mid-price.        

Dead Meadow :

The DC power trio are about to engage in their heaviest spell of activity with the previously announced Western US tour dates this month, followed by October clubs dates in Europe -- with a UK tour supporting Super Furry Animals right after that. Dead Meadow's "Let's Jump In" can be heard alongside unreleased tracks by Wire, Burning Brides, The Icarus Line and Weezer on the upcoming Buddyhead compilation, 'Gimmie Skelter'. See tours.

Yo La Tengo :
Following a ton of shows in Europe, Japan and Australia, Yo La Tengo have announced another US tour happening in September (please check the tour dates section). Said gigs will be followed closely by the release of a new CD/12" EP, "Today Is The Day", a rocking alternate version of one of 'Summer Sun''s highlights, plus 5 additional previously unreleased tracks. In classic P____f__k style, here is the track listing :

"Today Is The Day" (rock version)
"Styles Of The Times"
"Needle Of Death" (Bert Jansch)
"Dr. Crash"
"Cherry Chapstick" (acoustic version).

Time is also running out for you to win a Yo La Tengo custom-designed surfboard or consolation prizes of autographed Yo La Tengo CDs. (in the event you are not a surfer, perhaps you'd prefer the autographed CD's. in the event you are are not a Yo La Tengo fan, perhaps you'd like to enter another contest).

To participate, you need to watch 7 video clips hosted at various sites featuring an interview with Ira by the comedic talents of the Midnight Pajama Jam crew, including puppets Lumpy and Scott Fellers.

The contest ends August 15, but memories of these interview clips will surely haunt you forever.

Interpol :
The sick "did you hear that?" Interpol news of the month was not culled from Buddyhead's gossip column, but rather the announcement from MTV the other week that Interpol's video for "PDA" (directed by Christopher Mills) has been nominated in the MTV2 category of the forthcoming Video Music Awards, taking place August 29 at NY's Radio City Music Hall. You can vote for "PDA" here. Though we aren't above paying people to vote for Interpol, we and the band would really appreciate it if you did so for free.

In other television news, the band recently taped appearances on ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Hasn't Been Cancelled Yet" and the WB's "Pepsi Smash" (which makes perfect sense to me because back when Interpol were recording their album, Chris and I kept saying to each other, "wow, that one really sounds like a 'Pepsi Smash'"). These TV spots were followed by Interpol's first gigs in Japan and Australia.

Interpol's Autumn US tour dates are up now in the tour dates section. On September 15, Matador UK will be releasing a 7" and CD of |"Obstacle 1" remixed by Arthur Baker, along with a DVD single of Floria Sigismondi's "Obstacle 1" video.

Labels, Interpol's French imprint, is releasing an "Say To Hello To The Angels" EP (also known as "The Black EP") on August 11 with the following track listing .

"Say Hello to the Angels" (Album Version)
"NYC" (Demo)
"PDA" (Black Session)
"Leif Erikson" (Black Session)
"Specialist" (Black Session)
"Obstacle 1" (Black Session)

Guided By Voices :
'Earthquake Glue', as most of you know, comes out in less than 2 weeks (August 18th).

The first edition (which will be the entire first pressing - over 20,000) will consist of a numbered digipak with topcap, containing a limited edition sticker. Furthermore, 25 copies out of the first edition will contain a "golden ticket" entitling the winner to a free copy of the "Hardcore UFOs" 5-CD+DVD box set when that comes out later this fall. A 26th copy will win a sample of Gene Wilder's DNA.

We'll have complete details on the "Hardcore UFOs" project momentarily, but suffice it to say for now that it will be the definitive GBV collection (and the definitive way for those of us assembling it to drive ourselves fucking crazy).

In addition to the above mentioned competition, everyone who preorders 'Earthquake Glue' from the Matador Store or Insound will automatically be entered into a competition on to win the GBV sign from the Strokes video 'Someday', filmed on the set of 'Family Feud'. This applies to those of you who have already preordered. And please note, there's a nice preorder discount off our already-low prices.

In September, Matador Europe is releasing a CD single of "The Best Of Jill Hives" with 2 non album b-sides, including a cover of Cheap Trick's "Downed". A ferociously entertaining video for "My Kind Of Soldier", featuring St. Louis, MO's dancing machine, Beatle Bob, should be hitting tv screens and computer monitors just prior to that.

GBV's next batch of US and European tour dates are up now on the tour section.

Seachange :
                                                                   photo by Gerard Cosloy

after many months of faxes, e-mail and heated phone calls, we are relieved and happy to announce the signing of SEACHANGE to Matador.

Seachange are a sextet hailing from Nottingham. This means they have the triple distinction of being the first Nottingham band signed to Matador, the first 6 piece and the first English signing to the label since 1998.

None of which is particularly interesting.

The notable bits however, are as follows : through their past couple years of playing up and down the UK, Seachange have established themselves as a deadly live proposition. I know you hear that all the time. So-and-so on the Baylor basketball team is "a deadly live proposition". The guy from Burzum is "a killer". And they are, literally. Seachange, however, are only murderous in the musical sense. Some of us are old and lucky enough to remember seeing bands like Sonic Youth and Trail Of Dead in front of single digit audiences and we'll swear on a stack of T&E receipts that Seachange aren't merely adept at a crazy melange of the anthemic & hypnotic ; there are some brilliant songs happening inside the tornado. And the end results are nothing short of inspirational.

On the recording front, they've released 2 tough-to-find singles thus far on the Radiate and Gringo labels and the band are currently toiling on their Matador debut, tentatively scheduled for release in early 2004.

Mogwai :
You don't maintain your status as one of the planet's best live bands without visiting places like Montreal, Northampton and Tallahassee. And with said mandate in mind, Mogwai are hitting the road this autumn with more gigs in support of the monumentally shiny 'Happy Songs for Happy People' CD/LP.


tuesday 02
Toronto, ON The Phoenix
wednesday 03
Montreal, QC Le Spectrum
friday 05
Northampton, MA Pearl Street
saturday 06
New York, NY Irving Plaza
sunday 07
Brooklyn, NY Warsaw
monday 08
Philadelphia, PA Theatre Of The Living Arts
tuesday 09
Washington, DC 9:30 Club
wednesday 10
Carrboro, NC Cat's Cradle
thursday 11
Atlanta, GA Variety Playhouse
friday 12
Orlando, FL The Social
saturday 13
Tallahassee, FL Beta Bar
monday 15
Austin, TX Emo's
with Trail of Dead
tuesday 16
Austin, TX Emo's
with Trail of Dead
thursday 18
Tucson, AZ Rialto Theatre
friday 19
San Diego, CA The Scene
saturday 20
Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory
sunday 21
Los Angeles, CA Knitting Factory
monday 22
San Francisco, CA The Fillmore
wednesday 24
Eugene, OR WOW Hall
thursday 25
Seattle, WA Showbox
friday 26
Vancouver, BC Commodore
saturday 27
Portland, OR Aladdin Theatre
tuesday 30
Minneapolis, MN First Avenue

Lesser :
The aggro-tastic new album by J Lesser aka Lesser aka "Lesser" is coming on the very popular CD format from Matador Europe this October. Entitled 'Suppressive Acts : I-IX' the latest instalment from one of modern music's most creative male persons will enthral both old fans and new. Though details surrounding a US release have not been revealed, they will be soon and that will be a happy day for all when it arrives.

The Wisdom Of Harry :
"moody", "cinematic", "mysterious" -- these are all words that have been used to describe the creepy old fucker who runs the movie projector at my local cinema. Pete Astor, on the other hand, is a friendly, effusive music nut who also happens to be one of our fave singer/song-scrawlers of the past 20 years. The new album from his most song-y vehicle, The Wisdom Of Harry, is coming out on Matador Europe this October. With the fetching title, 'Torch Division', Astor's 3rd TWOH album is preceded in September with a 7"/CD single of "Crash Helmet" a tune so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. Or perhaps that was just the tear gas (the police are looking for that projectionist). The Wisdom Of Harry will be supporting The French at London's Bush Hall on August 14. If that's too long a commute, you can check out some quicktime video shot by Gerard Cosloy of The Wisdom Of Harry performing "Great Inventor" from the new album, and a cover of the Blue Orchids' "Sun Connection" at a recent London show opening for M. Ward.

M. Ward :
Speaking of whom, Matt W. is playing a solo piano gig at SF's Cafe Du Nord on August 18. He's also just confirmed a UK tour supporting and playing with Beth Orton, so please refer your bad self to our tour dates section.

Matmos :
"When we're not staring glassy eyed at our Friendster page or scarfing down a complementary breakfast at this week's Polish seaside resort hotel, we are busy playing in Bjork's band as her tour rampages across the planet. Suffice to say that nothing could have prepared us for the sight of 75,000 Danish Bjork fans getting their lighters out for that Meredith Monk cover that got added to the set list. Soon though we will be back to full time Matmos and as we get closer to opening the kimono on our new album "The Civil War" some live aktions are also being planned. We are curating one night of the Dissonanze Festival in Rome, Italy on October 3rd thanks to the invitation of our pals at DNA Concerti. Should be quite a hootenanny what with People Like Us, Lesser, Mouse On Mars, Hrvatski, and ourselves all agreeing to take part. We are also trying not to freak out about the fact that we'll also be playing at the Throbbing Gristle reunion festival next May, but it's hard because we're pathetic TG fanboys. We want to play a concert in Manhattan in late September in a space that is not a bar or a standard rock venue, so if you have a kooky idea bounce it off us at but keep in mind that we're all jetlagged and slow to respond."

Aereogramme :
"Hello. Aereogramme have been lucky on tour. No hospitals, jails, loss of limbs etc but our karma bank was emptied on the first night of our most recent tour. Let me bore you for a while or else skip down and check to see what some one else is doing. Still here? Right, we started off the tour in Leeds and after the gig we had a twenty hour drive to austria, through the night, taking turns driving and sleeping so we could get there on time. The Leeds gig was a stinker. No-one really bothered to come and on top of that, some wee shite bag stole seven of our cd's off the merch stall when our merch monkey was distracted by a passing banana truck. So we all packed up and headed to the ferry, stopping off at a service station to get the required munchies for the brutal journey. This was when our guitar tech blacked out in the food court splitting his head open on the ice cream cabinet spilling blood all over the floor and all over the Mr Whippy i was planning on eating.

"So we went to the hospital and waited for some old guy to get his corns chiseled off or something and then our slightly embarrassed guitar tech got his head glued (yes, GLUED!) together. We then had to hoof it to the ferry as fast as possible but since we took the detour to the hospital and it was an unfamiliar van our driver didn't notice that wee orange light indicating that fuel was low. So we ran out of fuel at around 3:00am. Two of us had to walk the next couple of miles ( in the rain ! who would have guessed?) to get the damn fuel and on the way back, i (craig) had to go and stand on a piece of wood that had a dirty big nail which travelled right through my shoe into my heel. So we finally got to the ferry after boring our driver awake ( it can be done ! ) and the next sixteen hours were spent in a daze watching europe go by.

"We finally got to lost in Austria where the promoter told us we werent on the festival bill. After seeing that Campbell was holding himself back from ripping his head off, the kind promoter kindly put us on and we played to a confused crowd.

"So there. That was the first two days of our tour. Strangely enough the rest of the dates (three with rollins band supporting the west memphis three) went stunningly well but thats another story for another day....

"I've been reading "A heartbreaking work of staggering genius" and listening to Nostromo , Bonnie prince billy, songs ohia, converge and agrophobic nosebleed

"Campbell has been reading Gene Simmon's biography and telling us all the horrible details while trying to find Depeche Mode "violater" anywhere in Glasgow

"Martin has my Stanley Kubrick book and id like it back. He also has Campbell's Elvis box set but we better not mention that.....

"Iain has been trying to beat the topscore of gradius on the gameboy advance while fixing up Campbells computer and fixing up his new flat. There is a snake there and it eats frozen mice.

"We have started on the first stage of demos. Im quietly excited.

"We have a new e.p. out with our cover version of Michael Jackson's "thriller" and two new songs. Oooh......

"Thanks. All our hairy love

"a e r e o g r a m m e"

Bardo Pond :
It has come to my attention that comments regarding Bardo Pond's new album in last month's news update have been interpreted by some parties as a criticism of the band and/or an attempt to discourage the public from purchasing their new ATP recording, 'On The Ellipse'. For the record, I would like to make it crystal clear that not only do I and everyone else at Matador consider ourselves privileged to have been associated with Bardo Pond, but the band's new album is amongst their finest works and we wholeheartedly recommend you check it out --- and pay for it whilst doing so. It goes down better than a deep fried mars bar (much better, in fact) and lasts considerably longer. - GC

Listening favorites of the (extended) family :

Simon Aldcroft, Seachange
at the moment we're busy recording our first album at our studio, First Love, with Mark Spivey. So far we have been fuelled by:

Tim Buckley- Happy Sad
Come- Don't Ask Don't Tell
Slayer- Hell Awaits/ Seasons in the Abyss/ Reign in Blood
Eminem- The Eminem Show/ Marshall Mathers
At The Drive In- Relationship of Command
50 Cent- Get Rich Or Die Tryin
Sonic Youth- Murray Street / Daydream Nation
Nirvana- In Utero
Pavement - Stereo
Cannibal Ox- The Cold Vein
The Afghan Whigs- Gentlemen / Black Love
Lee Scratch Perry - Arkology
Dr Dre- 2001
British Sea Power- The Decline of British Sea Power
Smog- Supper
Slint- Spiderland
The Leather Nun - Force of Habit
Patti Smith- Horses
Kitchens of Distinction- Capsule
Bruce Springsteen- The Rising / The Wild, The Innocent and the E-street Shuffle/ Live in New York City
Pink Floyd- Meddle / Dark Side of the Moon / Piper at the Gates of Dawn
David Bowie- Heroes
Savoy Grand- Burn The Furniture
The For Carnation- The For Carnation
Ramones- Its Alive
The Jayhawks- Hollywood
Guns'n'Roses- Appetite for Destruction
Buzzcocks - Product
The Cure - Disintegration
The Wedding Present -See Monsters
The Blue Nile - Peace at Last
Gang of Four - Entertainment
Echo and the Bunnymen - Heaven Up Here
Gavin Bryas - Jesus BLood Never Failed Me Yet
Interpol - Turn On The Bright Lights
Godspeed you Black Emperor - **+o**oo
Bikini Kill - The CD version of the first two records
Pixies - Surfer Rosa
Buck 65 - Square
Shipping News - Very Soon and in Pleasant Company
Mogwai - Happy Songs for Happy People / Come on Die Young
Janes Addiction - Ritual de lo Habitual / Nothings Shocking
Television - The Blow Up
Bon Jovi - Cross Road
Radiohead - Hail to the Thief
The Smiths - Singles
Mind at Large - demo
The Mars Volta - De-Loused in the Comatorium
The Complete Stone Roses
Neil Young- Harvest
Aaliyah - Aaliyah
At The Drive In - Relationship of Command
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - No More Shall We Part
Various - Punk and new Wave 1977-79
Various- Motown Gold

My favourite things at the moment:
the new Nina Nastasia album, Ambulance by Blur, Jim White, Steve Shelley, Tour de France, Simon Schama's History of Britain, Jimmy Corrigan: The Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware, Joe Sacco, Swimming, 24 and the World At War boxset.

Sujan Hong, Beggars Group
- Bye-bye Armando (Papi) Benitez
- New Pornographers @ Bowery Ballroom
- "Winged Migration"
- Whitbread Ale on tap
- "Hell House" DVD
- the barbequed nachos @ Autozone Park, Memphis, TN

Matt Harmon, Beggars Group
... had to be Jay Clark's guest DJ slot. The Art Ensemble of Chicago never
sounded so funky and the indie kids just could keep there cool down. They
were all out on the dance floor to shake their asses with some pretty bad
dance moments.

BERT JANSCH Lucky Thirteen
THE CRYAN' SHAMES A Scratch in the Sky
NICK LOWE Pure Pop for Now People
DEAD MOON In the Graveyard

Patrick Amory's favorite things of the moment:
1. Mark Haddon, "The Curious Incident of The Dog in The Night-Time" (Doubleday Books, 2003)
2. A collection of 1970s Haydn vinyl bought ridiculously cheap on eBay
3. Ortofon SPU-GM Classic
4. The Art Of Eating
5. The Economist
6. Chicago
7. Anne Sylvestre, "Fabulettes" (Disques Meys, sometime in the 1970s)
8. Banco (Ottman/Manticore)
9. Anything by Alan Furst
10. Gavin's bucolic birthday party

Gerard Cosloy, Matador Records

James Orr Complex - Chori's Bundle (Rock Action)
Chris Brokaw - Wandering As Water (Return to Sender)
Solbakken - Klonapet (Hooverflag)
Various - Wooden Guitar (Locust)
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner (XL)
Richard Youngs - Airs Of The Ear (Jagjaguwar)
Stewart Walker - Live Extracts (Persona)
Sunn 0))) - White 1 (Southern Lord)
Bardo Pond - On The Ellipse (ATP)
My Dad Is Dead - The Engine Of Commerce (Vital Cog)
Lali Puna - Left Handed (Morr Music)


1998 J F M A M J J A S O N D
1999 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2000 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2001 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2002 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2003 J F M A M J J A S O N D
2004 J F M A M J J A S O N D